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The Meaning of Life

In a nutshell

By David Calabro

Sub-title: What God Wants you to Know
162 pages / 148 text/56 chapters
First time author/ first book

This is an interesting book. It is not the best written book , but it is an easy read. If you notice by the page count and chapters, that is about 3 pages per chapter, so it is easy to put down and pick up about any time without losing track of where you are.

The title of the book may have a little to be desired in the description of its contents. Instead of “The Meaning of Life”, I’d say it is more about what the meaning of our physical reality. My suggestion for a title would be, " Rethinking our relationship of Life in this Reality". In the author’s own words, it is about “…a philosophical, spiritual, and religious journey … “. That statement and my thoughts after reading it seems to remind me of the adventures of Indiana Jones, but in a metaphysical world (my analogy). The “ In a Nutshell” is very misleading. I think Dave used it describe the brevity of the book and his life up to this point. A good portion of this book is autobiographical ion nature.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I’d say that David Calabro is a 9 when it comes to being extraordinary in experiencing spiritual cross overs. Some people might call this channeling; however, it is more than that. Although Dvae has experienced an average physical life and has a typical family life, he is not the average human walking on this planet when it comes to other worldly experiences. Meaning, if you believe that life is more than our physical reality, Dave has done it back and forth many times and is still doing it.

His spiritual friends and guides have given Dave a lot of information regarding our reality and other relationships that do not conform to our current belief system or culture. He does not go into any major detail to describe or back up any of his experiences or knowledge, but makes this information available in matter of fact statements; therefore, it is up to the reader to determine how this information relates to himself or if he believes it or not.

Dave has retired at a very young age and is actively involved in spiritual matters. He is a new age light worker experiencing and promoting the birth of a new spiritual revolution. The book is published by Friesen Press and is available by Amazon, e-books, Barnes & Noble, … For more information, contact David Calabro, 215-990-8258, (

Review by
Anthony F. Kenton
President of the Society for Metaphysical Enlightenment