2019 Spiritfest Vendor List

 *Saturday only
**Sunday only 


 Judy Kay psychic medium readings
*Joan Eisinger Reader, medium, healer, intuitive animal reader, past lives, karma work
 Dino Calabrese psychic medium readings
 Lisa Allala Reader, medium, past life, jewelry.
 Travis Allen psychic, medium


*Amy Gill Gueaune Dream interpreter
*Kathryn Landis MSW Intuitive energy medicine practitioner for 20 yrs
 Dr. David D’Angelo Wellness and weight loss, nutrition, message
 Angelo Rizzo Spiritual healing products, tuning forks, wind chimes, CD’s, pendants
 Daniel Endy Spiritual adviser, consultant, teacher
 Diana Vento Reiki,crystals healing& angelic psychic readings, crystals and jewelry
 Richard Malz Light worker, Reiki master, healer and intuitive reader, past lives
* Joe Werfelman Books and misc
**Suzanne Werfelman Marconics, No-touch practitioner, 5th dimensional energy healing
  Marion Huska Working with people and homeopathy methods and herbs to remove stress


Awaken Center for Human Evolution
Circle of Miracles
Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing


 Claudia Jaffa Fairy hair quality hair extensions are silky polyester tinsel
*Elizabeth Loane Crystals and crystal art and accessories
 Jay Howard Good Natural handcrafted foods and baked goods
*Debbie Thornton Aura and chakra photographer, interactive reports and readings
 Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan gallery quality canvas prints and original artwork, books, plus jewelry
 Wendy Flohr One of a kind handmade diffusers and jewelry
 Tanya Moyer Family owned hemp seed oil products for health and wellness
 Courtney Watson Handmade snow globes with crystals and gems copyrighted
 Terri Bowden Spirit portrait artist, jewelry and essences
 Claudia Silcox Hand made jewelry, native American art,and tarot
 Tibet and Himalayan Handcrafts Singing bowls, bells, gongs, drums, reiki, feng shui, etc.
 Rebecca Jones Jewelry wrapped iin silver and copper wire, incense sticks etc.
 Carolyn Kovacs CJ’s Gourmet Mystic Mustard in flavors
*Adrienne Gammal Top quality crystals, gemstones, and shaman supplies
**Lori Angstadt DoTerra CPTG Essential Oils
*DeniseGindhart and Michael Firsow Alchemy for the soul organization for transforming the soul and meditation

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