2016 Spiritfest Vendors and booth information


2 Judy Kay psychic medium readings

9 Roseann Turek Psychic and medium readings

11 Dawn Strouse Your cup of tea intuitive tea leaf readings

12 Katie McBien Tarot readings and metaphysical items

16 Lynn Rene MacDonald Spiritual life guide reader, healer, teacher, empathy

18 Jean Westbrook Circle of Waterlight clairvoyant medium

20 Rev.Whitney Mulqueen Tarot readings

23 Cecelia Barndt Star Angel Readings/ Numerology

24 Dino Calabrese psychic medium readings

26 Rev. Rose Moyer Psychic medium readings

28 Elizabeth Joyce Psychic, medium, author of 5 metaphysical books

32 Lori Chrepta Tarot readers and metaphysical items


8 Margaret Welsh Willowsilk Intuitive reflexology & spiritual counseling using living oils plus artwork.

14 Maureen Groetsch Health services and hand blown glassware and golden ratio specialty products.

17 Summer Hawk Wolf Shamanic healing, etheric/auric surgery, channeled readings

19 Dr. David D'Angelo & Dr Renee D'Angelo Chiropractic & carpal tunnel practitioners and weight loss.

22 Diana Vento Reiki,crystals healing & angelic psychic readings, crystals and jewelry

25 Debra Pietruszka Medical intuitive, energy, and past lives readings plus artistic brooms

27 Richard Malz Light worker, Reiki master, healer & intuitive reader

29 Julie Barracato Lady Lynora's Treasures new age products

*33 Ragucci Ron Project Mind Fit , Advanced Hypnosis System , Brain based wellness .

34 Suzanne Werfelman Marconics, No-touch practitioner, 5th dimensional energy healing


3, 4 Peter Jarvis Lighthouse Antiques, Crystals, stones, healing crystals & tools

6 Tina Frazier Distinctive aroma-therapy for spirit, mind, and body.

13 Adolphina Shephard Aura photography and consultations

15 Karen Emmet Unique boxes – Intentional boxes filled with love (succulents, stones, crystals etc)

21 Dottie Gannotti Seed nutrition and healing center, Soul and healing work and products,

30 John Schaeffer/Barry Brown programmed Holographic – pain relief, sleep fat loss, and energy

31 Tego Tea Native American tea

**33 Sheikho Maryam Kabeeer Faye Kashmir dream, treasures from silk road, clothing & accessories

* Saturday only, ** Sunday only