2017 Solstice Expo & Holistic Fair Vendors and booth information


3 Judy Kay psychic medium readings

4 Rev. Rose Moyer Psychic medium readings

8 Andrea Brock readings, shamanic healing, energetic jewelry, essence healing sprays

10 Witney Mulqueen Psychic reader, clairvoyant, tarot

12 William Nutter Psychic reader, medium, psychometry, channler, Usui Reiki master

14 Roseann Turek Certified spiritual evidential medium and angel card reader

21 Robert Moyer Tarot, Rune, palms and casting readings

23 Swami Tirtha Certified advanced psyhic medium, natural born Shaman and energy /trance healer

25 Maria Killgore Angel card and Akosic record readings

28 Corbie Mitleid Psychic mediumship, Tarot, past lives and channeled guidance

29 Dino Calabrese psychic medium readings

31 Elizabeth Joyce Psychic, medium, author of 5 metaphysical books

33 SeraHwang Akashic readings, Arcturian energy transmissions, crystal healings

36 Cecelia Barndt Star Angel Readings/ Numerology

39 Dawn Strouse Your cup of tea intuitive tea leaf readings


11 Richard Malz Light worker, Reiki master, healer & intuitive reader

16 Touch N Heal (Shree Sethi) SuJok reflexology and tools, Kansa and copper products

19 Prudence Zorrilla Healer with natural stone and silver jewelry, suppliments

20 Susan Stein Family owned Kaiya Naturals herbal products are toxin free and for healthy well being

22 Summer Hawk Wolf Shamanic healing, etheric/auric surgery,light activation, Melchizedek channeled readings

27 Diana Vento Reiki,crystals healing& angelic psychic readings, crystals and jewelry

32 * Dr. David D'Angelo Chiropractic & carpal tunnel practitioners, nutrition and weight loss.

32 ** Jacqui Neulinger Dominus Cervix healing tools. Amp coil Tesla/PEMF?biofeedback & EVO sessions

35 American Ayurveda Ayurveda consultants, supplements, sound healings &hands on healing plus

37 John Schaeffer Holgraphic acupressure discs – pain relief, sleep fat loss, and energy

38 Katie Moyer Family owned hemp seed oil products for health and wellness

40 Suzanne Werfelman Marconics, No-touch practitioner, 5 th dimensional energy healing


1, 2 Peter Jarvis Lighthouse Antiques, Crystals, stones, healing crystals & tools

5,6,7 Ann Orchowski Gemstones, jewelry, incense, oils and spiritual items

9 Tina Frazier Distinctive aroma-therapy for spirit, mind, and body

13 Kathy Wolff Kindred Spirits jewelry, crystals, lamps, incense, etc

15 Debra Thornton Hues of You, Aura & Chakra photography with, readings

17 Helene Muller Himalayan salt lamps and accessories

18 Chris Gage Teaching techniques for greater spiritual awareness

24 Roxanne Clemens Midnite Incense products, sage, and metaphysical suppliments

26 Frank Gillespie EMFs Protection and ID products/ life Nutritional Programs

30 Adrienne Gammal Top Quality Crystals, gemstones and shaman supplies

34 Julie Barracato Lady Lynora's Treasures, jewelry and new age products

35 American Ayurveda Sound healings, hands on healing plus herbal and new age ayurveda suppliments

41 Vaughn Fulkerson Spice mixers anti-inflamatory, organic spice & mineral beverage boosters. Nature's answer

* Saturday only
* Sunday only