Section III - Chapter 21 -- MORALITY

If you look at the beginning of this book, there are promises that this book will cover the subject of morality. Yet, up to this point, there have been very few references to morality and those references have been of an indirect nature that did not go into any depth. Well finally, by default, I decided to try and devote a whole chapter to this topic. However, let me warn you, for those of you who are used to seeing black and white, separation, contrasts and divisions, for those of you who are comfortable in our present behavior patterns that have do's and don'ts rules, for those of you who are looking for answers and a leader to tell you what to do, when to do it, and where not to do it, I am afraid you are all in for a big disappointment.

The issue of morality deals with the control of human behavior, and by God or whoever else you want to swear on or by, I have covered and hit upon that subject enough. However, just to be sure that I have covered all the bases, let me make one more direct attempt at explaining morality head on in a direct relationship. First of all, morality is a system of values one uses to create a reality. Morality implies a set of rules by which one is supposed to operate within. It is a guideline that permits growth but in a limited manner toward a specific desired end result. I am not sure anyone can tell me what those specific desired end results of our existing system or systems are; however, I can tell you it is limiting. I suppose one out of two isn't bad, but then again, it isn't good either. It just is.

Rather than think of the negative restrictive nature of morality, let's take a positive approach or look at the word. Morality implies whatever is the most creative part of your being and becoming in terms of what you want to do. You live within a reality, and while you do, you must deal with it. Therefore, morality is the value system you use to make your own selections that determines your behavior and/or reality. Now, that says a lot and it says nothing. That is, it tells you everything you need to know about morality for you to use it; however, it tells you nothing in the way of what to do, or how to do it. It is strictly up to you as to what you want to experience. All matters requiring a decision or selection are all moral decisions, because they involve the use of creativity, development, and spontaneity. You make your own reality by selecting and choosing alternatives as to what you want to experience.

There is nothing difficult about morality. The difficult part of morality comes in with the application of thought into physical manifestation and/or actions. That is, there are no difficulties creating your own happiness and experiences if you do not have other people to deal with; however, the element of control becomes obscure when it runs into the conflicting thoughts of others. Then the outward process of communication takes over to reestablish the element or understanding of the control factor, to form a common union that can be consummated in a communion of thoughts, actions and deeds. However, this same selection or decision could have been also achieved by another process and that is the inward process of loving, caring and sharing. That means that there are two ways to achieve the same results. But, because of the problems associated with outward manifestations, even speech and other forms of outward communication often fail to convey the act of communion to one's fellow man.

Man exists in a world of separation of being alone and together, and between the two is the meaning of humanity and mankind. There is also the meaning of life and death. You can never be completely alone or together at all times. You exist between these two points of reference in a position of your own choosing, somewhere between the desire and the ideal, the dream and the execution, between your love and your expression of it, between your ability to recognize and to offer recognition. Somewhere in the midst of all of this balancing dwells your reality and therein lies the meaning and validity of your soul.

If you believe your reality existed because of some chemicals atoms and elements that happened to come together without purpose and accidently created a reality and man, you're crazy. If you're concerned with what came first, the chicken or the egg, you are also crazy. It is not a question of physical manifestations it is a question of consciousness. Consciousness is balance and is that integral part of everything and nothing. If I were to believe that my consciousness was created by some god who made me and my kind in a perfect world, but did not have the creative abilities to keep it perfect, then I too would be crazy. If I were to believe that I lived in a world of decay, degradation, pain, and suffering, then I too would have a poor conception of myself worth and my fellow man and I am afraid that that is just what our limited belief system has lead us to believe.

I personally cannot believe that the integrity of this and each and every moment is an accident. There is no way that I can believe that all of nature is sane and right but man. If that were so, how could all of nature turn out to be all right and only man created in sin and was evil. How could God or nature have gone so astray as to make such an error? The answer is that he did not! What is wrong or has gone wrong is our belief system, not morality. We have too many authorities, too many chiefs, too many differences and not enough individuals or individualism. Rules are made to be restrictive, to limit beliefs, to control mass behavior. However, rules are also made to be made, to be followed, and broken by those who wish to control. When you wish to accomplish something that is beyond your control, you make rules to help you manifest that desire. So it is with both the individual and society. The problem of rules is knowing what to support and what to ignore and that is a matter of beliefs. When you need rules, make them, when they do not work, find a new set, but always follow your own inner dictates, not those of others.

I think the thought of no rules and regulations is probably frightening to most people, just the same as my idea of how to support peace is by eliminating arms is frightening. We must learn to trust ourselves and our fellow man and this can only be done safely by each individual if he is capable of positioning himself properly within himself and/or his belief system. I think that if you believe in yourself, you must believe that the fewer restrictions and limitations that are placed upon one's self, the fewer problems or separations one sees. This same thought pattern is displayed by our behavior diagram that is based upon unconditional love. That is, as one raises his level of consciousness he sees that there is no such thing as opposites. Everything is composed of units of unity. The concept of unity has no absolutes of yes or no, but is composed of degrees of maybe and that lessens the chance of prejudice and conflict. Such a belief system accommodates practically anything that comes along; however, it is still up to the individual to give it a try. But, I will admit, this is still a strange concept and takes some time to get accustomed to.

Everyone seems bent on waiting for the other person to give an inch before they do, but remember, someone has to make the first move. You are not an island unto yourself. You exist in a reality composed of many; therefore, you must take part in your world as you understand it. But now that you understand it a little better, you may now wish to take an active role in reshaping its belief systems. But in reality, the best way for you to take an active role in changing this belief system, is for you to be yourself. For each of us to learn, to understand, and to experience and work out the challenges and possibilities of creation, is to fulfill one's self and to implement God's will as well as one’s own. Each of those conceived in this physical reality are born into different races, cultures, and to experience different problems; however, each and every person is involved in a learning experience that leads to the same basic desire for universal unconditional love. Translated into more simple terms, that means that we all seek freedom to do what we want, when we want, where we want, why we want, and how we want. The only problem is with who we want. That takes a form of communication.

I just want to point out that my explanation of everyone's basic desire is the same question and answer that I proposed for a new belief system that eliminates prejudice and conflict. To refresh your memory, I said in effect, that the best rules are no rules at all. You make your own reality, and each in his own way participates in what we think of as the history of our time. In so doing, we are following and acting out the principle and the law of love, either consciously or unconsciously. Naturally, the element of control is more obvious in a conscious situation and to do so will lead to morality of the highest level. It is not something that has to be worked at, it comes naturally. When you achieve this conscious level, it is difficult to regress because one's life becomes abundant and beautiful. You live in a safe universe, but be true to that which you love, for if you do, it will take care of you, because that is the nature of love. It is the only law, principle or rule that you need to know.

Your thoughts do count and they do add up to form our world, and our reality. However, do not get too discouraged if they do not go your way. The world has been around for a long time and there are a lot of people out there who are seeking experiences different from your own. The world will go its way. It may not be your way, but then again, it may. Somehow, someway, a balance will be struck with the universal mind of all there is, that will form or create those experiences which everyone seeks in mass or as individuals. These creations and ideas will form a pattern that will tend to influence and direct the events that affect our reality. Given proper aggressive nurturing, your thoughts may fall like seeds that fall from a giant oak tree. They may fall on fertile ground or be blown to far distant places before they take root. In any case, they possess the potential to affect everyone's reality. Then again, the seed may be quite different than the plant that gave it life. Don't be discouraged by appearances. It is the inner content that counts. The ugly duckling may be a thing of beauty.

The question of rules versus no rules is difficult to comprehend, because there has never been a situation where man has acknowledged that there were no rules. Although we ignore the whole issue, most people in some way, shape, or form, are influenced and governed by rules of others or ones of their own choosing. This is morality. It controls behavior and growth patterns. It would be an interesting experiment if we could all experience this condition, if only for a short time; however, I am also sure that most people would feel extremely uncomfortable without some demands or limitations placed upon them. What would happen if no one or nothing put any demands upon you? What would you do? Would you live a life of leisure and indulge yourself in the sensual pleasures of life? Unfortunately you will never know; however, I am sure you would not. You see, there is more to man than meets the eye.

You cannot separate yourself from others or your world, nor can you force yourself upon the lives of others without their consent. Therefore, the only thing you can do reasonably well is to be yourself. By being yourself completely, you are automatically doing what you yourself want to do and fulfilling the purpose that is your own, but joining with others in a like purpose. In doing so, you in a sense, become a force of nature. Also when you learn to trust that force, that is yourself, you flow naturally into those areas of your own interest and the interest of others. This being yourself is the form of spontaneity that was mentioned earlier. Spontaneity is the subconscious knowing of yourself, your being, your purpose of learning and growth in a specific direction of becoming conscious of yourself. Spontaneity is the inner content of understanding that relates to yourself, knowledge, and possessions. It is the relationship of the recognizer, recognizing himself with recognition. It is balance.

You were born with true impulses and they are always with you, even though you have been taught not to trust them. Man has been educated to a point where he has forgotten the language of impulses. In fact, man basically equates spontaneity with irresponsibility and that which is evil. How this belief originated is beyond me, but it seems to be prevalent among most people. Probably the belief was or is founded upon the joyful and playful manner that this creative form takes. That is, our concepts of happiness, joy, and pleasure, seem all fraught with traces of evil. Everybody knows that life is hard and a major struggle just to stay alive; therefore, anything that comes easy and creates happiness must be bad or evil. That logic is as bad as a joke I heard about a guy who trained a pet flea to jump on command. In short, the joke proceeds that the man loses the attention of the crowd, so he begins to remove the legs of the flea and after removing all the legs, the flea becomes deaf. That's bad!

What I am saying is that if you allow spontaneity its own freedom, then you are consciously happy and you will convey that happiness to others and there is nothing wrong with that. If everyone learned to follow their own impulses and to be spontaneous, everyone would naturally gravitate to his or her own place in our world. We would all be doing what we want and it would also be leading us in the direction of loving one another. However, because of our restrictive or limiting environment, I think most people would believe that my idea of spontaneity would lead to chaos and shambles. In this case, I kind of agree with such negative thought. That is, I agree that initially this would be true, but then I think a balance would be reached whereby everyone would be fulfilled to a point where they would begin to setting down and do what was necessary. That means that someone would find pleasure in collecting garbage, someone would like working with chemicals, or around a hot oven, and someone wouldn't mind digging ditches, or mining coal.

These are all new strange thoughts and I do not expect most people to agree with or to, but if you follow the logic, it has merit. You are now seeing some of the results of supposedly liberal laws governing sexuality in this country, even though there is still a substantial negative force against this belief system. In any case, I believe statistics are beginning to show a drop in pornography businesses and related activities. The logic also follows the kid in a candy store syndrome. That is, given enough money or having to work in such a place, one eventually begins to lose interest or taste in or for the product. This is also the argument used in our country to encourage free trade and deregulation. In the latter situation, this is still a very heated debate that does create initial hardships when implemented and most of the positive results are not obvious. Consequently, most people will be very reluctant to commit themselves to the concept of spontaneity. It is one thing to talk about the intangibles of the potential self or being, but it is still quite another to take away patterns that one has come to rely on to support them in this physical reality.

Let me remind you that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step and also remember that that is what life is all about. We are all on a journey of growth and learning. Life is only as hard and as difficult as you want it to be. You have never, never been told or taught that before; therefore, I do not expect you to drop everything and run. You must maintain your balance, but if you can do it more consciously, it makes it so much more easy. Despite your experiences with impulses or spontaneity in our culture and society, despite their contradictory nature as we know them, you have impulses that you do follow. That's because spontaneity has its order and when allowed to do so, they work not only to the advantage of the individual, but also the entire world. These impulses can be related to our problem of beginnings and endings, in that they are patterns that lead to a destination. But that ending or beginning depends on you.

Need I also tell you or remind you that impulses are both positive and negative? Impulses are meant to tell you something. If you feel like hitting someone, then you must or should translate that impulse into a positive force. That is, you must engage your conscious mind to distinguish what course of action you want to take and/or experience. When you retard restrict or limit yourself, you also cut down the possibilities of yourself, and when you do that, you also cut down your own creativity. That doesn't mean that you should hit that someone, but it is a possibility. If you are conscious of your own spontaneity, you will automatically know what to do. And if you have positioned yourself in unconditional universal love, you know that your actions are going to be right and beneficial to all involved. They are going to be responsible actions.

When I talk about responsibility, I am referring to the act of being you or yourself. When I talk about being yourself, I am talking about the same thing that makes a dog or cat wag its tail, wiggle its ears or plays by itself. The dog or cat has no one telling it what to do and has no responsibilities to behave in a certain way, or walk a certain way or do anything. All the animal has to do is to express its joyful creative nature as should man. What man needs to remember is to trust himself, and though that trust, that joy, that playful impulsive self, he can get to know and recognize his inner self. Through that expression, his spirituality will blossom and flower. He will not discover his inner self if he does not trust the self that he knows. He will not flower if he pretends that his spirit is elsewhere and that he is separate. There is no distance between the "I" and the "me". They are one and the same, connected to each other by degrees. Your spontaneity and impulses are your best contact with the inner self. To impose limitations, is to restrict growth and there are no limitations on beauty or truth.

Learn to trust that spontaneous direction. Do not ask others how to grow. When you were a child, did you seek the help of a guru to grow another inch or two? No, you already knew, but now that same knowing is joyfully hidden within you. Knowledge through education is important and has its place, but think of all those stupid trees and flowers out there growing with absolutely no one, nobody, telling them what to do or how to do it. There are some noticeable trees out there that the utility companies and some private individuals seem to think they can limit and teach; however, these exceptions stand out like a sore thumb or lollipops and are of questionable beauty, unless you like imbalances. By restricting or limiting growth, you create new patterns that never compliment the entire self or physical structure completely.

As mentioned several times before, man still needs exterior organizations, but the real organizations are within or inside. Once this is thoroughly understood, there will be no need for outward, exterior manifestations, or physical reality. Because man is not used to thinking spontaneously, he will find it hard to try to adjust to a more free and open self and he is bound to have questions and need help with this concept. The strange and funny part about this whole thing is its simplicity. Your beliefs form your reality and all of the answers to all of the questions that you can possibly have are within yourself. You just have to know where to look. You do not need gurus, psychiatrists, priests, philosophers, or teachers, to tell you what to do. You are a part of everything there is; however, you are not conscious enough to recognize it and/or be it.

Man's belief in the reality of guilt, is his most negative force that affect our world and morality. To correct such behavior, man must un-teach much of everything that he knows or has been taught. He must begin afresh, as a child using his innate wisdom of his own being. He must seek out and explore that which interests him and encourage others to cultivate their own creature-hood. Man should try to return to himself and seek his own wisdom and energy that was his at birth and is still there, but is now hidden. Basically, what is wrong with our society is that man has been taught to forget; consequently, he has sought to rely, more and more on other people. Call it welfare, call it socialism, or call it whatever you want, but do not encourage it with substitutes or any other negative form or pattern of physical manifestations.

The best thing that you can do for those people who have lost themselves and their way back to themselves, is to give them unconditional universal love. Get them to feel and touch their own birth or rebirth, and convince them that their birth was never finished with their entrance into this world. Each and every day is a new birth. Each moment of existence is an enactment of that birth. You have at your fingertips, the same energy and the same joy you once had when you dove through unknown dimensions into this system of probability, this physical reality. Tell those people to know thyself and do themselves just honor, by remembering the joy of play and spontaneity and by following this course of action, one will be drawn to his own inner self. By believing and trusting in yourself, you will discover your true being and your actions will lead you to your own answers and growth in a more creative manner. Your joyful playful actions will simply add a helpful exterior structure by which you can test yourself and/or your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that. Remember, man seeks the comfort of like things. The physical structure of play provides that pattern.

Using opposites to prove a point, the opposite of play is work. When you think of work, you automatically think of something that you do not want to do and set up mental resistance to it. When you think of play, you think of fun, but such fun is usually conceived or structured by the same rules and organization as is work. That is, you know that games have rules and to play the game, you must play by the rules. So it is with work. Therefore, if you know how to play, you do not need to know how to work. Work and play are one in the same. You are not doing something because you must do it, or because it is right or necessary, but because it is part of your nature which must be manifested into physical reality. It is a pattern of creativity that is necessary for one's growth that involves spontaneity and an inner structure that goes hand in hand. All work environments, if properly structured or de-structured, so as to permit greater freedom of creativity, can become fun, or at least less restrictive and repressive in nature, and that is the whole idea of this book.

Man, in this day and time, is an amnesia patient. He is wandering around in a daze. He does not know who he is, where he is and what he is doing here. There is nothing wrong with this behavior so long as it is all of a positive creative nature; however, man seems to know and understand and recognize the negative forces of this physical reality and himself better than he relates to the positive creative forces. Therefore, man's patterns of growth seem based upon fear and isolationism, which is the direction of "The Third Wave". This is both good and bad. You make your own reality; however, it would be better if you knew what you are doing.

The reliance on outward manifestations is sometimes misleading and can result in acts of violence; however, if you are conscious of yourself, you know that nothing happens by accident. You attract that which you want to experience. If someone should gain from an act of violence or someone ceases to exist, remember that such an encounter or experience is sought by all of those who are involved. Again, it is better to know what is going on than to jump into the quicksand and perish too.

To become more conscious, you must try to learn to disregard what you have learned. That is a difficult task. Through spontaneity and in a joyful and playful way, you will learn to trust yourself, which will lead you toward the freedom of your being, because you are used to discipline, you may feel cut adrift, undone, or without foundation. Do not fear such emotions, because in truth, you are cutting your dependency on patterns and structures based upon the outside world. It is only when you can relocate or reposition your being that you can feel the great foundation of your own being and its greater freedom. When this point is reached, then you can draw from both worlds and balance your growth and control your becoming. The most important thing that is relative to you is to remember that the universe and/or this world is first created mentally. To change anything, you must first change your beliefs. The only real responsibility you have is to be yourself, not what someone else thinks you are. By being yourself to the best of your capacity, is to fulfill the responsibility of life and your actions and feelings will communicate and speak for yourself and them. For in being yourself, you bring forth the message of freedom and creativity.

I have mentioned before that there is no destruction or evil. But while we all think there is, then we must all deal with it accordingly. This reality is of our own making. There are no forces outside of ourselves that cause us to do evil. You must learn to recognize that fact. You must feel your answers and your feelings must rise up out of your own experiences in the form of recognition with the warmth of love, joy, and acknowledgement. This is what morality is all about. When you are able to think for yourself, for the joy of your being and give thanks to yourself for your physical body, you are on your way back to yourself. It is a joint effort of creativity and eternal knowledge that you control and/or balance. There is no reason to doubt your integrity.

In a dream state, you will be reassured of your own integrity by yourself, that same self that you have forgotten. The self or selves you hope you are, but the self you are afraid you will never be. Those selves are or exist, and they will speak to you in the dream state as they speak to you now while you are awake, but while you are awake, you do not listen. Your dreams will help you point the way to your own freedom. You do not seem to understand that your dreams are real and have validity. Your thoughts and intents have a reality that builds up in energy at other levels of existence and works for you. Your dreams are a gift to yourself, sense their miracles, their joy, their freedom and trust them. If you make mistakes, they are your mistakes, and you can learn from them. If you make decisions, they are your decisions. If you are afraid to make selections or decisions, then you cannot learn, experience, or grow. You make your own reality and you have a lot of help from yourself in doing so and/or if you want it.

Listen to your own being. He who is in a physical position to rule or control others makes himself a false god, if he is not conscious of his becoming. A person of authority does not have authority if he has to exercise negative forces to enforce that authority. Those who have mastered the art of verbal communication to command favors, commands nothing. Their reality consists of temporary or false prestige or position. Those who accept false praise need it worse than drugs and live in absurdity. He, who confuses you, confuses himself and speaks in ambiguous terms because he does not see clearly. The man or spirit, who sets himself up above you, is not above you, because there is no above or below. Anyone who tells you that he has the answer to life and won't share it doesn't have it. The answers are free and they are simple. They belong to you and everyone else who trusts themselves.

You live in a safe, moral universe. You do yourself no good by rehashing or reliving the negative actions of the past. The best thing you can do to believe in yourself is to mentally reassure yourself, before going to sleep, that you are secure and safe in your own self or being; therefore, you can move with confidence and ease and freedom in all dimensions of your own reality. The past has no power over you. You always live secure in the power of the present and in the knowledge and consciousness of your power and reality that you make. You control your point of focus and your relationships with the outside world. If you cannot trust that which keeps you alive, then what can you trust? You keep your eyes open, and your lips smiling, your fingers wiggling, and your motor (heart) running. It is the unknowing, knowing super-consciousness that rushes within you at every moment and you can trust it above all things. It does not come from others or anything else. You cannot find it in books, on television, or anywhere else. It comes from the intimate experience of your own being. When you are alone, you feel it. It is the essence of your being, and nobody, or nothing can take it away from you.

Life is quite simple. Only man has managed to make it difficult. The universe is mental first. Your beliefs form reality. That's it! But if it's that simple, what happened? Where did we go wrong? Why did we forget it all? And why aren't people aware of it? How could we have allowed ourselves to create a reality with all the pain and suffering and wars and starvation, diseases, cruelty and the whole bit to flourish? Apparently, it is something which we wished to experience, or else it would not have come to past. The patterns that we so cherish and worship are the same forces that create our reality. Therefore, what is wrong with our world is wrong with us. We make our own reality and the majority seems to rule even in a mental state of being just like the greatest happiness principle is supposed to work. Again, that doesn't make it right or wrong, but it is something that we have chosen to experience.

Nature is a beautiful teacher. The animals go about their business with the reality and present joy of their being. You don't see any of them popping pills or running around with hypodermic needles to get by their day, do you? They do not need it. They do not need acid, grass, peyote, or anything else, because they know that which they are. Our animal friends are full of joy of their being and they are not afraid of it. A squirrel scampers through the branches of a tree. You don't hear anyone yelling at him to be careful, he might fall. He is not afraid of falling because he trusts his own being. He knows, without fine intellect, that he has a place in the universe. A place made for him and one in which he is something that is joyful and alive. When a bird builds its nest in the trees, you don't see building inspectors going around to check out its construction to see if it meets all of the codes of nature and is safe for the newborn. How much is enough? The answers are within. Left alone, all men can find the right answers if they are conscious of their own being.

The grasshopper leaps with great ease and grace, out of the knowledge and vitality of his being, but if asked to tell others how he does it, he can only tell them that he does it. Those others, who are not grasshoppers, can only sit, listen, and acknowledge his instructions, but they are not grasshoppers and they cannot jump as he. Man possesses the knowledge and understanding to relate to one another and things, but he must want the experience before he can do what it is that needs to be done. There must first be a Will, to establish a value, to make a selection necessary to bring about a physical manifestation. Without values, creativity or morality is not possible.

Raindrops fall to moisten and nourish the physical earth. They are all individuals. They do not stop to think where they must fall and when; yet, all by themselves, they bring freshness and vitality to the grass, flowers, trees and everything else, by their falling. That is their responsibility. When man too learns to seek his own spontaneity, he too will be like the raindrops. He will seek to nourish the earth and those in it by being himself and thereby changing the world. Both will benefit. By learning to be spontaneous, man cannot plunder the earth. He will learn to understand and love himself, and that love will be reflected back to the world around him. In learning how to be spontaneous, you are learning how to play, and if you know how to play, you don't need to know how to work. Because if you understand what play is, you know it is organized to accomplish a desired result. You know that games have rules and that you are part of the game and therefore, you help make the rules. The same is true of this reality. You are a participant. You are involved, whether you like it or not. Learn to play by the rules of the game or change them. In any case, do something. You are an individual. You count! Do your own thing, but do it from a position of strength and love.

Forget your ideas of the past or future. Forget all the philosophies, political systems, the occult and religious nonsense, that you have learned. Look at your present point of focus with wondering eyes of a new self. If any of these belief systems separate you from the joy of your being or becoming, then it is detrimental and should be avoided. You do not need one of these belief systems to justify your existence, for whatever reason. All you need to know is to be yourself. Learn the joyful, playful, spirituality of yourself and/or your being.

Sports athletes are always breaking new records. Why? Because they dream dreams from which they inspire themselves to break the limitations that they have had to live with. Limitations are restrictive and do not help one grow and become his greater self. So learn to trust yourself, and your love, and your dreams, and try to communicate those thoughts openly. You are part of all there is and it is part of you. Through that common union, one can reach communion with his fellow man. Your thoughts can be shared by all. There is no such thing as heaven on earth as we know its meaning. If there were, everyone would be bored. People need a challenge. They need to grow and change. Nothing stays the same. The laws of this universe will not permit anything from remaining the same. Man must learn to recognize the patterns of growth and work with those laws and/or principles. He needs initiative and the desire to accomplish and to use energy in a positive creative manner.

Your beliefs form this reality. However, man relies more on the outside physical world, than he does his inner self. Therefore, everyday and in every way, man runs up against beliefs. Either they are his or someone else's. The trust or certainty that he puts into these beliefs makes them work or not work, depending upon the individual. Anything will work, if you believe strong enough in it. Acid will work if you believe in it, LSD, an occult school, religion, political groups, medicine, drugs, god or gods. Aspirin will do it, or anything else you can think of, if you believe in it. The universe is mental. Each of you will usually put before you someone or something that is thought to be greater than you are that must be obeyed. Each of you will follow his or her own journey through life relying on something or someone else. But, the magic is you! To believe that the magic or secrets to life is somewhere beyond you in a pill, a medal, a god, a product, a person, a diet or whatever, will cause you to spend the rest of your life in search of it. Let me assure you, that it is not outside of you, it is within you. You make everything count. You make your own reality.

Each and every one of us, and/or groups of people are working out certain beliefs and experiences in exaggerated form. Nothing happens by accident. You will not be caught in an earthquake, ravaged by a storm or anything else, if you do not want to be. No one dies who has not decided to do so. If this is not true, then you are a victim and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no logic or reasoning. That means that your body came accidently into creation and out of some cosmic accident that may not follow any rules and may not be duplicated. That means that the complexity of your body is not justified and all that beauty was created for no other reason than to be a victim. That is the only alternative that you have to your forming of that reality. You cannot have something in between. You either have a universe formed with a reason, or one without. In a universe of reason, there cannot be any victims. Everything must have a reason, or nothing has a reason. I suggest you choose your side!

Any evils in this world are symptoms of your own inner disorders and are meant to teach you something. You must learn to recognize them and correct them for the growth and well being of yourself and others. Every nation, every people form their own violence and are responsible for their own conditions. The starving in the world is the result of conflicting beliefs. If one thought cannot dominate or be manifested over another, a third alternative course may result which may take the form of droughts, flooding, temperature changes, etc. This only happens when the spiritual and the physical are so separated that they cannot materialize or fulfill needs. This is a condition of contrast that knows its own order. Nothing happens by accident, it is the result of conscious or unconscious thought meant to bring about a change. The condition of universal unconditional love can change all the pain, suffering, and misery, in the world, but it must be supported to bring about its physical reality. That is what morality is all about. It is about LOVE!

In our society, morality is thought to be a set of rules or laws, both formal, but mostly informal, designed to control and/or restrict human behavior. These rules are guidelines which were set up, with supposedly good intentions, to direct our society toward its greater well being in hopefully, a more harmonious and an organized way. Their intent was to create an understanding of acceptable behavior by which everyone could relate to. However, the rules or guidelines are based more on negative thought than they are positive forms of manifestation. I believe, it may have been hoped that man could see that certain things were restricted but most things were acceptable and encouraged. Through the passing of time, the restrictions or restricted limitations have increased and the other options have diminished. That is, new restrictions have been added to the negative list and many, many more laws added to the formal list, without anything or few rules being discarded. That means that our list of negative reinforcements is constantly growing.

This trend in our morality is somewhat detrimental to freedom and creativity. Instead of becoming more open and creative, we have inherited and are inclined to perpetuate a pattern that is somewhat faulty. Where all of this is leading us, is anybody's guess right now. Perhaps the doomsday prophets are right but on the other hand, we all make our own reality, so there is always hope. However, it is up to you and each one of us to see life for what it is and to select and choose that which we want to experience with a little bit of thought behind it all. We have a lot of options, possibilities, and probabilities. How we bring all of this together depends on each one of us. You make your own reality, but what you do also affects others. Even the smallest force in nature can cause major changes, given enough time. Patience is a virtue, but if we can all add a little force to our male gender or being, then perhaps, we may affect great changes within our lifetime. I think our physical reality needs it and/or us now, more than ever before. Where are those aggressive flowers?

I don't mean to end this chapter on a somber note; therefore, let me remind you that nothing is destroyed without the knowledge of those involved. I spoke of this in the last chapter with some reluctance. The problem in presenting this pattern of thought and its ability to be understood, is that it involves a level of consciousness which most do not or cannot consciously recognize and that includes myself. One's greater self is multi-dimensional. We, as we know ourselves, are but the tip of an iceberg. We are greater than the sum of our parts and it is not the intent of this book to delve into those areas of being and becoming.

We exist in this physical reality. Therefore, we must deal with reality the best way we know how. That means that we must use those things which we have knowledge of to correct ourselves and our society. What I am saying is that we must relate to this reality with conscious mental thought. Our consciousness, or this reality, has chosen or seems to have chosen to relate to matters on an intangible subconscious or super conscious level. Therefore, that means that we do not recognize our conscious thoughts for what they are. That doesn't mean that they do not exist. All that means, is, that it is difficult to follow such patterns. Hopefully, through the knowledge of your own being, you may be able to recognize and offer recognition to yourself in new ways. The most important of these, is the knowledge of your inner self. Learn to understand this other form of reality. Learn to trust it. Learn to use it and balance yourself in a positive creative position of love. Nothing, NOTHING, happens to you by accident! You are the recognizer. You recognize your reality with recognition. You make your own reality. What you believe determines your reality. Your beliefs restrict or limit your growth. Morality is but another name for those restrictions or the lack of them. All restrictions are not bad, SO LONG AS YOU RECOGNIZE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW THEY RELATE TO YOU! THAT IS WHAT MORALITY IS ALL ABOUT! IT IS THE POSITION THAT YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE!