Section III - Chapter 20 -- RECOGNITION

When I tell you that you create your own reality, I am sure that none of you, or very few, actually believe that as true. You are not that sufficiently secure in that belief to take advantage of it and grasp this great creative freedom that you yourself make. Rather, you feel more comfortable when you give yourself and others, excuses. It is always somebody else's fault that you are in this position or that position because of something beyond your control. Your reasoning and logic for this behavior and thinking is based upon conditioning and training. I might say brainwashing; however, that is a little hard to swallow, because there is no real recognizable effort to change a belief or beliefs from what they were originally. That doesn't mean that we have not been conditioned in a specific way to think and act, because that is the exact nature or basis for our science of Anthropology. We are a collection of patterns and beliefs that result in something that has some cohesive qualities about it.

Man can follow any road he chooses. He can choose any one of the three paths our Indian studies described concerning culture, or he can maintain his existing status or even choose something entirely different. You can choose or select any road that you so desire, but until each individual realizes that he forms his own personal reality and is in control of that life he does not exhibit or demonstrate complete freedom. Rather, he has admitted to default or given away his rights to be completely independent. Remember, there is a price to pay for everything. The amount of effort you put into anything determines what you get out of it.

Do you really want to know what freedom is? Freedom is the inner realization that you are an individual and that you do create your own reality. You do have the freedom and joy and responsibility of forming the physical reality in which you live and that you can change it when you want and how you want it to be. You are not free when you say that such ideas work for others, but they do not work for me because my problems are caused by something else. Reality is not caused by heredity or environment. No problem is caused by conditions beyond the control of the individual. You will find freedom by learning to look inward and realizing that you create your own reality. There are no exceptions to the rule. Your success or failures, you have yourself created. If you would but understand this, it is the truth that would but set you free.

In this physical reality, you can't help but look at your physical condition and compare it against what you want and what is supposedly good for you. Then all you have to do is change the inner self accordingly. This environment provides us with much learning and lessons for our becoming. You are meant to observe and judge physical reality and that it is the materialization of your thoughts, feelings and images. The universe is mental. What is above, so it is below. You are meant to realize that the inner self forms that world. Until you learn that lesson, you cannot be allowed to go into other dimensions. You must understand the power of energy and understand the power of your thoughts and subjective feelings.

When you thoroughly recognize the freedom of your own being, and your own creative powers, then you will also recognize yourself as a creator. You do create your daily life and you joyfully help create the mass experience of the world as you know it. From this experience, you can say that you act out of full joyful knowledge and love of your creativity. When you recognize this, then and only then can you say that you do not blame events or circumstances as that which affects you or determines your reality. This is the recognition factor. This is the completion of the trinity. This is the manifestation of one brought into the physical plane of existence. This is the form or pattern that consciousness must take in this reality.

We have covered a lot of ground on our journey from here to there, or is it there to here, or does it matter? What really matters depends upon what we want to experience. However, we have travelled quite a distance in this book. We have travelled beyond the limitations of physical reality into the worlds of spirit and the mental aspect of our being and becoming. Hopefully, you may now have a better understanding of who you are, where you are, and maybe, just maybe, what you are doing here. You are many, many things. You are not just a physical being, as you are not just a spirit, and you are not just a mental state. You are all of these and more. Your being also exists on many levels of consciousness; therefore, your present point of focus may not be your total reality. You see by our explanation of unity and God and everything and nothing, there is a unifying element even though everything in this reality exists in a state of separation. That means that there is also a unifying element that links or ties you to everything else that exists. You are a part of God and he is a part of you; therefore, if you can become conscious of that part and position yourself mentally, you can become conscious of everything there is including non-linear reality.

In a sense, we are partners or co-creators with God. When you understand yourself and recognize yourself with recognition, you will have actively awakened yourself consciously. There is a conscious relationship that in all probability can come to each of you and all the peoples of the world, if you so desire and seek the inner self. If you only take the time to understand the nature of your own grace and your relationship with All There Is, within this reality, then the world will open up to you and you will realize many things. When this recognition, this law of grace, is achieved, there will be no need to feel alone and to be fearful. You need not try to leave something behind or populate the earth in an indiscriminate way. Your immortality is not dependent upon your seed that falls from you to grow in the world of physical matter. You will recognize your own immortality and therefore be free and joyous with your mortal self and you will gracefully take your part as co-creators on a conscious level with all life forms dwelling within this physical reality.

You cannot help yourself or others by identifying with your own weaknesses or the weakness of others whom you have given your element of control. When you are safe, you are safe. You are in a position of strength, because you have balanced or focused your point of power in the present in this physical reality. You are not thinking of the past or future, you are now. Therefore, you can bring all your energies together in love, peace, and tranquility, to the benefit of all those who seek your help. You cannot give help where it is not wanted or needed; however, you can aid those who seek that help. When you are in this position of strength, you have energy and power to think and feel clearly and to be more conscious of everything there is. You can feel and sense the patterns of conscious communication between you and nature. When this happens, you do not need to pretend that you are not safe or indulge in the experiences of others.

Each individual's reality is safe and secure, unless they choose to experience something else from another position. You cannot relate to what I am saying, unless you fully understand the concept that the universe is mental and that you make your reality. You establish the environment that you wish to experience. Unfortunately, most people equate aggression with that of strength or the physical act of aggression, or the violating of other's life, liberty, or property. Man has seen and witnessed so many instances and examples of such acts, resulting in the gain and benefit that such actions seem to be an acceptable way of life or commonplace. In truth, such acts are contradictory of one’s strength and are a failure to master this physical reality mentally. That is, beliefs have directed, thought patterns, to follow a line of logic that fear of physical pain is to be avoided at all costs. That means that others have adopted patterns that reinforce those fears and use such fears as a means to their creative efforts at the expense of others. In short, man has supported the patterns and systems that encourage physical and violent aggression

As you can see, aggression is a negative creative act that stems from an outward position in this physical reality. It is a form of greed and/or an occupation that has found a position in this society and is supported as such. In a sense, we have accepted the ideas practiced by the Dobu Indians off the coast of New Guinea; and that is to take at others expense. However, today most behavior involves the control of money; therefore, we are a little more discreet about how we take. Such a pattern or system feeds on negative thought and breeds or grows as long as people believe it to be an exciting and valid form of behavior. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will believe my earlier comments that that you are safe and secure, but it is true. It’s just a matter of what you want to experience.

Why I said that physical violent aggression is really a sign of weakness is because, the person utilizing this method to support his physical well being has failed to manifest his energies to the benefit of all concerned. That is, that individual has used his powers of knowledge and physical strength to achieve only gain to his own person, hence the earlier comment that such acts are acts of greed. That doesn't necessarily mean that all acts designed to produce self gratification are bad. Neither does that mean that they are good. They just are. Then again, people who have established such behavior patterns of self gratifications can feel quite comfortable and may recognize and return their wealth to society in some manner. In fact, such people probably think about themselves or what they do to support themselves in the same way as people who labor for a living. The control of money to them is a way of performing a function which is their occupation. However, the thought of this control factor or force and in some cases physical violence only makes it more exciting than a 9 to 5 type job. But just the same, in most such behavior patterns, there is an element missing that makes such behavior contrary to that which is natural.

The determination of actions can best be identified or distinguished as good or bad from the point or position of love. That is, the true test or qualification of whether an action is good or bad. An action can only be determined by the individual and the individual must learn to recognize himself and others with recognition. The individual must choose or select to manifest his inner thoughts out into physical reality from a position of universal unconditional love. This is recognition and is synonymous with the word and/or verb, to give. It is the giving in a relationship to understanding that completes the trinity of being and becoming in this physical reality. When one places himself consciously in this position of being, he cannot, repeat, cannot but be good in a positive creative manner. He must act from a position of power and complete control over himself and his environment. That does not mean that he will abuse or misuse that power in a negative manner, for he will know and recognize the difference.

To describe "Where We Are or Where Am I", is to describe the problem of balance. This is also a matter of recognizing oneself with recognition. It is that which makes up our reality and it is of our own choosing. We must learn to recognize this as the basis for our reality and must try to regain the control and knowledge that we had at birth. You must un-teach or unravel yourself from the patterns you have spun and weaved through the years and get back to the truth of your being. You must learn to recognize that you choose to see and identify that which you want to see or identify within some kind of relationship. In short, it is our beliefs that make our reality and who controls our beliefs but ourselves. It is the end product or possession of our understanding of everything there is.

Interesting enough, the word and/or verb, to be, is another word that gives us a clue to our reality. Have you ever seen such a crazy word in your life? In the present tense, the word be, becomes am, I am, you are, he, she or it is. These are all forms of the word be. It is supposed to express, attribute, or identify a value, or state of being equal, or a state of balance similar to the mathematical symbol (=) that expresses a balanced relationship to a certain specific unit or unifying forces. In short, the word position can be interchanged with all of these forms of the word "to be" and substituting the noun with a pronoun, and no meaning will be lost in the usage. Example: I am, means my position; you are, means your position; he, she or it, means their position. That means, that everything in this reality revolves around one's position. You make your own reality. You are in control of your being, because you are the center point of balance. You have focused your consciousness on this physical plane of existence and you are the center of this reality, your reality.

When you do not understand this position and therefore yourself, you project this lack of knowledge to others. You are positioned at a negative pole and this lack of recognition results in fear. The mental thought pattern or vibration is then transmitted and reflected back to you in many forms, but since you do not recognize it you think that you are bad or evil. Therefore, your friends, associates, and strangers, become afraid of what you yourself do not understand and this not understanding is a manifestation of your position of fear. Because one feels comfortable with that which one is familiar with, that means that one surrounds himself with others who reflect those same qualities; therefore, he attacks even more of the same. Such a position is an inbalance and is complicated by the lack of consciousness of one's inner self. In this position, the individual usually looks outward instead of inward for meaning and recognition and that will not achieve balance.

To understand the power of recognition, one needs to recapture the courage, the joy, and the love you felt as children. Each day was an adventure, a miracle to be explored and there were no authorities to tell you how to explore it. Even your parents were but guides and had little to do with your reality. They did not tell you how to plan your day, or relate to different events within the day. They did not tell you how to react to a flower, the trees, the wind, the rain, the temperature. To become truly alive again, you must try to rediscover the wonder that you once had of this world, this reality you choose. You must try to look at that around you with a new, different viewpoint. There are no authorities, but the joy and authority of your being, where time is not separated into moments, where you awakened each moment as you did as a child. Each moment was a new birth, a fantastic reality in which you had your place, your position, and your part to play, and where the miracles were your own and grew from the fantastic joy of your own being. Try to recapture those moments that existed before you were educated and learned the limitations that you have created with the help of others.

To understand the power of recognition, you must find your own reality and your own way. It may be difficult, but mentally take away all the comfortable and uncomfortable rules, laws and patterns, and return your being to the authority of yourself. Do not try to avoid that authority! Listen! Do not say that you hear nothing and see nothing when your own authority speaks. Do not try to ignore or avoid your beliefs. Your inner self is not frightening, or you are not a bad person, or for that matter, that the world is not a bad place. Tell yourself; convince yourself, that since you are a part of All There Is, or God, you are also a unique expression of everything there is. There is nothing to be afraid of because you are part of everything by the shear act of recognition. Tell yourself that often. Think and feel that and it will eventually get through to your conscious being.

When you are afraid of your own authority, you will accept almost anything rather than face the authority of your own being. Yet, when you were still an unborn fetus, you did not question, who am I, where am I, and what am I doing here? Probably, you just basked in your own fantastic vitality of your own being and becoming. Somehow, someway, you must reacquaint yourself with your own self and give you back your trust in the nature of your own being. For if you trust what you are and who you are, you can never go wrong in whatever terms you want to use. Literally, you can fly through belief systems as a butterfly flies through the backyards and fields of your physical and mental realities. Remember, what is above, so is below.

When anyone tells you that your power is not yours and that you are not your own person, I suggest you eliminate this negative force from your environment or disregard any association with that thought form or pattern. It is easier to declare one's self weak, sinful, bad, fat, short, etc. It provides us with an excuse. We rather consider ourselves as failures of the flesh or victims of our society and blame someone else. It is therefore easier to place our power and/or fate in the hands of those who say they have the answers. This may take the form of dieting, drugs, astrology, religions, and/or other special interest groups. Those authorities who seem to agree with our negative thought patterns seem to attract the most following. The setting of guidelines and limitations to our being seems to give us salvation from the horrors of our physical world; however, it also seems that such authorities gain at the expense of those who are supposed to be helping. Why is it that people think that denial is always the answer to their evil world.

A word of caution, you should not believe anyone who says that you are evil and must repent. Anyone who gives you special instructions, tokens of power, or any other forms on which to rely should be watched with care. Anyone who tells you to pull your ear, crook your nose, wiggle your fingers, and that you must say Om, Allah, or Amen, or to breath properly, eat in a certain way, and only eat certain foods, sleep in a certain manner, deprive yourself, and to suffer great pain, or visit only certain people, and other patterns of restriction should be avoided, or not given any credence or validity by your thoughts because this is deemed recognition. Whenever such people tell you that authority resides outside of yourself, do not believe them. When anyone tells you that happiness and joy resides outside yourself, do not believe them. Your salvation does not depend upon any other living or non living thing but yourself. You have never lost your soul. You are your souls. You are spirit born unto matter. You can trust your bodies as you can trust yourself and God. In this reality, the body is the garment that the soul wears.

You as an individual cannot escape your own creations. It is not death that any of you have to worry about, it is your creations. You make your own reality, whether you like it or not. You cannot blame your own creations on any person, God, any fact or any predestination. You and you alone, make your own reality. The only thing that you do receive, to do this, is the energy that is given to you by God. But, there are no strings attached. You can do with this energy, anything you want, because you have free will. Your behavior, your reality depends upon what you choose to experience and learn. Your beliefs create whatever we've got. The framework of your birth represents the framework of your intent in this physical life that we know and this is one of your conscious decisions. This is one beginning. The supposedly complicated exterior manipulations of history and circumstances, the methods used to sustain, change or modify our physical situations, are nothing more than the output of yourself and those beliefs that you share with the masses of people who populate this earth.

You form your own reality. You form the world that you know and recognize it through images that relate to you and affect the exterior framework of this reality. If you don't like things, all you have to do is to change your inner precept, your thoughts, your beliefs, or nothing will change. It is sometimes hard and difficult to see just how we can support such lunacy that we see in the world; however, we do. On a collective basis, similar to how the greatest happiness principle works, every thought, good, bad or indifferent, is multiplied many times over and equates to mass beliefs that carry a kind of weight or mass that in itself has a certain amount of force to influence the events that we see around us. It is, if you will, a kind of way to prioritized what we want to happen or manifest itself onto this plane of existence. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you form part of a mass consciousness or reality that exists besides your own.

There are those who prophesy a great holocaust will destroy mankind, if not the world. The patterns may tend to support their beliefs; however, you do have free will and you can change those patterns. You can agree with those patterns and experience great pain and suffering that fear brings, or you can say nonsense. Man is not sinful, evil, bad or rotten to the core, and life is not a cosmic accident. Based upon what one hears, sees, and reads, one might logically come to the conclusion that left alone, man would destroy himself or civilization. If that were so, what then started civilization if it were not for the natural inclination of man? What began the cooperation that allowed people to unite in tribes and cultures?

Our world is not in dire straits because everyone trusts themselves. It is precisely the opposite. We do not trust ourselves! That's why man has limited himself and created social institutions to fence him in and to limit his experiences. We have not allowed ourselves the freedom that we experienced as children; rather, we have succumbed to patterns of expediency and/or conformity that stifles our growth and creative endeavors. If we could reawaken ourselves and become more conscious of our being, we could then learn to trust ourselves and eventually trust our institutions and our civilization. As it stands now, few, if any of us, really believe in the basic good of our creations. But the good is there, just as the bad. We must learn to ask ourselves, what is it that we want to experience and then we must seek its manifestation into this physical reality.

As long as man believes in the basic evil of his fellow man, then he must project that image upon himself and accept the consequences. Should you want to see the world destroyed and then the prophets will echo your beliefs. But, there is nothing on earth, or of a spiritual nature that will destroy you, unless you are convinced that you are so evil that you must be destroyed. Even then, those who refuse to accept that belief will regain and remember that loving technology that he has forgotten. It is that universal unconditional love that will set man free again. He will learn to deal with this earth and universe with that love, that technology and that love will bring him the truth of recognition.

The universe is safe, but it is difficult to believe considering our news agencies and institutions that seem to dwell on stories of war, murders, trickery, and greed. Such forms of communication seem to create a common union that can lead us to a communion of a negative nature. This is the pattern that is apparent in our reality now. That does not mean that you have to agree to this folly. You must insist that you are good. The official line of consciousness forms the world about us and you perceive and experience that world like the greatest happiness principle. It will always show you the results of the beliefs that are inherent in the official line of consciousness. This consciousness is our Academy Award, our Oscar, if you will. The answer to our world problems is the same as the answer to your own problems. It is simple. All you have to do is to say to yourself that you do not believe whatever it is that everyone else is saying about whatever is in question and then you must also mentally believe yourself. You can refuse to believe out of ignorance, stupidity, pride or whatever, it matters not. You have the right to say NO!

You must learn to believe that the universe and world is safe. Nearly everything that you see in the outside world will lead you to think that it is not, and the defenses that you yourself have set up, that condition and pattern you, also indicate this. But, you do not have to believe this. You can learn to leave the official line of consciousness that surrounds us and that we all use as a criteria for our reality. In so doing, you will withdraw your support to that mass consciousness and you will weaken it ever so slightly. You can still retain it as a picture of a possibility, but you must learn not to believe in it. You must learn to step out or take yourself out of that picture, while loving it and wishing it well. But also wishing it and sending it energy to change that which is to something that is of a more positive nature.

For a thought to become a belief, you must mentally take hold of thoughts that you wish to see manifested into physical reality and you must concentrate on possessing them. Then you must try to concentrate your male gender powers to stimulate your being or mental "I" that will in turn, plant the seed of creation in your mental "me" and perhaps the me's that are around you. You can influence others, but to do so, you must first believe that which you want to see manifested as valid and real in your own mind. A belief is nothing more than the ultimate form of recognition. This is actually a relationship of thought to that of recognition which is the basis of a belief system. By understanding and controlling yourself, you can learn to create valid patterns that can indeed alter the nature of your own reality and possibly those about you if they so desire also.

For you to help others, you must first operate from a position of strength, not weakness. You must learn how to control beliefs and/or change them. You must have good footing, so to speak and stand on firm ground so that you can extend your arms to someone else who may be mired in quicksand. You cannot help someone by leaping into that same quicksand, for surely you will both go down together and I don't think he will thank you for that. You must understand that when you commit yourself either physically or mentally to a specific event or issue, you are getting involved with that particular belief system. Whether you like it or not, you are in a sense jumping into quicksand and you cannot help. The saying that there is strength in numbers does not necessarily make things right. Just because a lot of people feel and act a certain way does not necessarily mean that it is right for you, or for them. Question everything.

To be of help, you must learn, or try to learn to be more conscious of everything about you. Through loving, caring and sharing, you cannot go wrong unless you fail to heed your inner self or inner voice. You must learn to organize your reality according to your strengths and hopefully in a playful manner that you experienced as a child. Learn to trust your being, your dreams, your joys, your hopes, and your prayers. Then and only then, can you be of some help to those who do not trust themselves and organize a defense based upon fears.

If you yourself need help, you must learn to believe that your plea is indeed answered, no matter how impersonal the universe may seem. When you seek help, you actually set the universe into motion, but your answers come from within. You make your own reality. When you seek help for others, you yourself must learn to be objectionable to the matters at hand. The best kind of help that you can offer is to just be there for moral support. Just as flowers send help to us humans by just being there and being themselves, being beautiful; so too, can you provide the same kind of support. These people in distress can sense your presence and strength and can draw from your energies to create their own reality. All you have to do is to offer an occasional word to remind them of their own great powers and energies and their creative strengths. Remind them that they are good and encourage them to work out the problems and do not fear and they will do the rest. Remember, do not join them in their belief less you too want to experience it also. You must learn to refuse to accept the beliefs of others with which you do not agree. The choice is yours.

When you read the newspaper, listen to the news, or watch TV, you are relating to symbols representing real tragedies. But these tragedies do not exist in your time framework unless you want them to by extending some form of recognition. Anyone acknowledging these events commit themselves in the support of these events and/or beliefs. They also position themselves in a negative location that generates a feeling of hopelessness, a loss of their power or control in the present, and it may also instill fear. You do not help others by taking on these same belief systems and/or jumping into the quicksand. From the framework or pattern of belief in yourself and your greater good, you have strength, validity, grace, exuberance, and additional energy that you can send out in the form of love to touch the hearts and realities of other people all over the world. Do not lend credence or support to their problems. It is theirs to solve and/or experience. It is there for a reason. It is part of their growth process and nothing happens by accident.

There is great abundance in this reality. There is nothing you need to fear. The universe is safe and so are you. With a sense of love and identification through communication, common-union and communion, there is little room for ideas of annihilating other species so that we can live. Survival of the fittest is not a rule or law of man or nature. Nature supports and/or controls the growth of lower forms of life through a consciousness of balance. Man too, shares and is bound together in a gestalt of creativity and balance; however, he does not share this knowledge consciously. Communication takes many forms and all species of plant and animal life gracefully acclimate themselves to this world, this reality, for a mutually beneficial purpose of growth and communicating recognition. They all give and take with graciousness and unconditional love that is difficult for man to identify, for he is not used to recognizing these forms of unity. The plants and animals in the world are not gluttons. They take only what they need to survive. Nature has a consciousness all its own that tends to balance itself out.

On the other hand, man has chosen a different kind of consciousness. His consciousness necessitates a different kind of challenge that will result in different learning and growth patterns of a mental nature. The animals know their own grace, they breed with joy and spontaneity and order that they consciously sense. There is nothing preventing man from remembering or becoming conscious of this knowledge and sharing with these other life forms the fruits of this planet in a more harmonious way. There are directions that man's consciousness can take him that would indeed change his reality, if he so desires. He can tune into and understand biological spirituality and become more knowledgeable of his physical needs and those of others. By understanding the aspects of control and the inner orders and/or patterns of logic, man can begin a new kind of awareness of this earth, one that does not despoil its planet, but consider it sacred, one in which man can take an active part in conservation and be proud of it.

Through this consciousness and knowledge of our reality, man can and should develop a greater tolerance or patience of his fellow man. By knowing that each person creates his own reality, that means that there may be conflict and overlapping interests. Each person is unique. Who is to say that all realities should coincide? Again, we are all involved in a learning pattern of growth, and what better way to learn the use of energy than to have it tested in so many different ways. Even though it may be somewhat difficult and frustrating at times, it is also kind of neat, just think how dull life would be if everything went right all the time. In fact, that is part of the problem concerning world peace. Here, we are again dealing with conflicting wants, needs, desires, belief systems, but then again, we are also dealing with an element of excitement and/or danger that makes this belief system interesting. It's something like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. That is, it's an exciting game that you either win or lose one's life. There is no in-between or degrees of joy or pain; therefore, there is excitement that attracts interest and preoccupies one's time with such a belief system.

Most people associate peace with the thoughts of quiet, sullen, tranquility of a dignified or respected nature. Therefore, most people also equate aggression and violence with excitement or things which are not peaceful. People also associate power and energy with aggression; consequently, most people are afraid to elect or support people who foster the thoughts of peace or who are generally peaceful in natural characteristics. This same general belief is quite common and is supported by most people and other countries of the world, hence, the state of the world today. Our present situation is the result of your individual beliefs in mass consciousness. There is no way to ensure peace, but for everyone to lay down his arms. What would happen if two armies were fighting and one decided to lay down its arms? Do you think that the side that had arms would eliminate those that didn't? I think not.

By being conscious in a loving, caring and sharing way, there cannot be any such thing as physical violence upon another. There is no justification for violence. Now, the words sound simple enough, but I don't think many of you really understand or fully accept these thoughts, except as they apply to others. That is, it is OK for others to practice this philosophy of love in relationship to themselves; however, when you are backed into a corner, these thoughts get dashed and no holds barred seems to be the rule of the day for most people. This cannot be acceptable behavior; you must learn to apply positive patterns to yourself before you expect others to follow. By accepting this thought and nourishing it, you are giving it a reality of its own. Once a creation is manifested, it does not disappear, be it physical or mental; however, your relationship to this creation is subject to change. I will explain this a little more shortly.

If and when the level of consciousness increases in a positive creative manner, then you can populate the world with ideas of peace and it will grow and prosper. When you think thoughts of aggression, you attract aggression and you draw it out from others unless they are in complete control of themselves. That also means that as long as one believes that he must fight for peace, so must he lose the issue. To acknowledge the word fight, is a physical act of violence and that does not encourage or bring out a positive creative manifestation of unconditional love. You must remember and learn to recognize that an act or thought of hate is intended to bring you back your love. That means that to inflict pain and suffering upon others, for whatever reason, is not justified under any circumstances, because what you are doing by your act of violence is to take away or separate people from their own patterns of recognition or love. No matter how supposedly justified these acts may be, you are separating people from people in some way, shape, or form; be it in the form of death or physical pain that modifies the behavior that once was, or affecting changes that again modifies living patterns.

If you really are a peace loving, caring and sharing person, there is hope. There is always hope. To change the world, you must first start with yourself. You must believe that violence is not an acceptable alternative to those who oppose your plans and wishes, whether they be yours, those of special powerful in numbers groups, or for that matter, nations. In a strange way, if you want peace that badly and in a relatively short period of time, you must think in aggressive terms. That is, it takes aggressive energy to send forth thoughts and feelings of peace. In a sense, you must fight fire with fire, excitement with excitement. You must mentally create and project your thoughts of peace in an aggressive manner. Then, your thoughts can and will radiate outward, giving and fostering joy, and vitality, and encourage the trust of peace as a viable, acceptable, challenging alternative. Such action can be compared to the natural thrust of a flower as it grows up through the ground, through the leaves and rubbish, to thrust forth its beauty upon the world. Now the song wonders and so do I, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" What happened to flower power? We could sure use some new aggressive flowers working within the structure of society today.

A word of caution, when you start to learn how to use aggression for peaceful purposes, you must be sure that you are consciously aware of what you are doing and how it affects others. Each individual is aware of thoughts through subtle subconscious communications. You are going to meet and encounter resistance, but since you are not made of concrete, you may end up altering your own thoughts or justifying your actions for supposedly more noble causes. Remember, violence is never justified for whatever the reason. Undoubtedly, your own thoughts will change somewhat with time as you grow and learn to recognize the world around you. By knowing yourself, you can change yourself and perhaps help someone along the way. Take a long hard look at yourself and your beliefs see what it is that you like and don't like about yourself and aggressively resolve to encourage the positive and eliminate the negative in a conscious manner, and do it now.

Earlier, I mentioned that when you think thoughts, they do not disappear when you are done with them. They are creations, just as anything made of physical matter. They are real and they have validity, no matter how supposedly good or bad they are. Because we are outwardly oriented people, we cannot follow patterns of intangible thoughts as we can objects of physical matter. That is, we can follow the creation of a physical manmade object from conception, to completion, to its usage or history, to its destruction or modification. We cannot do that same thing with pure thought. But just because we cannot follow a thought after its conception, doesn't mean that it still does not exist. Even if one tried to consciously follow this thought, he would undoubtedly lose interest in it because he cannot maintain concentration and could not devote his attention in the form of recognition to that particular thought. Just the same, thought is a valid creation. It is an organized pattern of energy, similar to physical matter, but at a higher level of vibration. The amount of time and concentration you do spend on thought, determines its strength or intensity.

Why I brought up this question of thought and creativity, is to show you an interesting concept or two. First, I wanted you to see that you cannot logically follow thought or the pattern of thought for any reasonable period of time; therefore, it is also a sure bet that there is little you can do to follow and understand the happenings of this reality which is based upon such thought patterns. Second, the implications that thought does not disappear are immense. So much so, that I seriously question myself if I should put it in my book. But considering that I am an optimistic person and thought that some parts of this book might be beneficial as well as controversial I decided to go for broke. As long as you maintain a loving, caring, and sharing position, you will consciously be able to comprehend and use this following information in a positive creative manner.

Now, given the idea that thought has existence and validity long after its originator has finished with it means that in certain terms, there is no such thing as death or destruction. That also means that you cannot hurt anyone or anything. I know that is somewhat contradictory to my earlier statements about violence, but now we are talking in the context of a different relationship. This is what this reality is all about. It is recognition. To really understand this reality and the nature of life and/or energy means to be conscious of unity or the degrees of unity that has opposites. We live in a world based upon separation as we relate to this physical reality, but in fact, it is all one. It is only a matter of recognition and understanding that separates you from that which you want to experience.

Getting back to our thought on death and destruction, to understand this concept of unity means that you cannot destroy it. You may be inclined to think that you misuse it; however, you cannot. You are not able to misuse it, or destroy it. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change and that's what growth is all about. Basically, you cannot hurt anything, but as long as you think you can, then you must live within that reality, and that can hurt. Our belief system is a foundation of mass thought and physical existence. It is a framework or pattern within which we operate and from which we reference or recognize everything and nothing. Consequently, that means that nothing is hurt without first giving acceptance to that hurt, without attracting it, and without bringing it to itself, because it is within our belief system and you form or make your own reality. So, even when you think you destroy, you destroy nothing. When you think you kill, you kill nothing. Even when you imagine that you destroy a reality, you can only destroy a reality as you know it. The reality will continue to exist, but in a form that you do not and cannot recognize.

Now, that doesn't mean to go out and start killing and destroying, because that also means that your thoughts or concepts of death will also carry over to you. That is, if you kill and believe that you kill, you will bear the consequences and the pain and suffering that go along with that manifestation. Your definitions, thoughts, and ideas, reflect your own reality. You actually live in a dream, but that dream is composed of a great number of people who together, create the ground-rules on how this game of life is to be played and worked out. But, just as you are about to learn the key to all of the answers to life, they might go ahead and change all of the questions. You create your own reality. You are acting out your part in a real life drama in an ongoing series. Will you receive an Academy Award for your part?


They sing of love in song,
but are they wrong?
Should we belong to that of another,
or are we more like that of a brother?

Does one have to receive,
or can one give?
Is that what we believe,
or how we live?

In a land of opposites
there is two, and
the splitting of unity
is the clue.

Everything that is,
is half of one.
Recognize what it is, and
you recognize none.

Love and hate is
but one single gate.
Know this to be true
is to know colors and hue.

All are but one divided.
Be conscious and you will be guided.
There is a law of love to be sung
and you will hear that clarity rung.

This then is the key
that will work for you and me.
Seek and you will find
reality is a state of mind.