Section III - Chapter 18 -- LAW and LOVE

I have, up to this point, tried to give you a good solid background as to just what life is all about and also, how to go about controlling your own self and/or destiny. That means that I have also tried to establish a new or more solid basis for making selections which we relate to as good and bad, right and wrong; however, I can only hope that I have replaced current thought patterns with more suitable or understandable thought forms which everyone can relate too. The aspect of control is more difficult to describe and a lot more difficult to put into practice, considering all of the forces and/or environmental factors that relate to our outward selves and physical reality. That is, to know about something is one thing, to understand it is another, and to relate to it and put it into practice is still something else. You have been given all the ingredients that are needed to understand and control your being. You now have the key to the inner content of the learning triangle. How you relate or apply your energy forces in relationship to this information or knowledge and to possessing it, will determine how well you master physical reality.

The inner content is what life is all about. It is a growth process, whereby we use energy to position ourselves in an ever changing environment in order to grow and progress on our way to becoming our higher self. Our physical reality is a huge learning triangle where we relate to the knowledge of energy in its various forms or patterns and then use that knowledge to position ourselves and to use or possess it, in order to grow. How well we adapt or balance ourselves in this environment is only part of the problem, we still have to contend with our growth on a spiritual, mental and social level. This is a kind of balancing act on a multi-dimensional level and on more levels than I intend to pursue in this book. It's bad enough to try to focus in on a small circus like tight rope act amongst all of the other outside stimuli and forces affecting our being and becoming, without getting too distracted in other abstract intangible ways.

In trying to explain life, as we know it, I have probably offended a lot more people than I have helped. Perhaps the main reason for my comment is due or comes from the rather sterile, unemotional type of reasoning and logic I employed. That kind of makes man look like a robot or fool that goes around doing things and not knowing or really understanding why. If this is your thought and you have reached this point in this book, I see no other way that life can be adequately described, without going into this thought process. This way is necessary in order to eliminate the confusion and inconsistency and/or contradictions that are a way of life and/or the basis for this physical life. All of this conflict is due to the nature of our physical reality.

Let me remind you that our life is based upon separation and the manifestation of energy forms in various degrees of that separation and/or resistance. Without resistance, physical matter could not exist, nor could any higher form at this level. Our consciousness is the bridge that spans and connects all of the pieces or parts that are separated by a seemingly big insurmountable gap; therefore, our consciousness determines our reality and/or our balance in this reality. How we see it or recognize it determines how we relate to it. Therefore, one must know or understand the rules and principles of physical reality before one can properly function or balance himself in this environment. But again, there are other intangible realities that one must also balance in order to keep everything straight and all of this cannot be proven in the conventional sense of the word, or proof, as is required by most men of science.

Now that I have somewhat stirred up some mud by confusing you with an area of thought that I have not explained or pursued in any depth, I want to try to proceed in a direction of giving you some practical applications for what we have learned. That is, how does this knowledge of separation and consciousness relate to each individual and/or what good is it in a practical application. The simplest, shortest, and most logical answer to all of these questions is that the individual is the sole source of one's reality and/or he can control his environment. Even though this short answer is correct, it still does not sound logical to most of our average readers, because I believe everyone feels in some way or another, subject to conditions beyond their control. Also to say, such a positive statement means that there are no limitations or restrictions placed upon man and everyone knows that that is not true. If it were true, everyone would be going about his own business, doing his own thing, and not caring about anyone else. Such a simple answer cannot be true or practical, because we do not live independent of one another and we do need other people to support us in our daily life. But before we rule out our positive simple answer as false, remember, every truth is but a half truth as is everything false is but half false. Everything depends upon one's position amongst opposites or within a state of separation.

Logically, that last paragraph should bring us to a point of nowhere, however, that also means that the pattern is just not recognizable yet. Man needs balance, but he cannot accept a position or situation that is not of a singular nature, or relative to his growth in a specific direction. That is, man cannot seek or select a position of balance at all times, because that would severely limit himself or restrict him in his becoming. Therefore, man needs to select extremes in order to expand his environment and/or consciousness. Again, life is nothing more than a learning process; whereby, he makes selections that sets into motion, causes and effects, which he chooses to experience. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It also sounds unbelievable again, because it is so impersonal and cold. Why is that? Why is there doubt or the splitting of unity concerning this logic?

Let's take another look at our answer. Again, the obvious answer that the individual is the sole source of one's reality and/or can control his environment does not relate to each individual in a practical way. Why? Because of the laws of cause and effect, everyone knows that they are being influenced or affected by something beyond their control. Even if they did know, or were conscious of everything, there is still the question of control and no one that I know of has ever expressed the feeling that they were in fact in control of their life fully. Besides, for everyone to be completely independent of one another is contradictory to the concept of our whole growth pattern process, otherwise known as sociology. What I mean by that statement is that growth is a process based upon a relationship of mental expansion and then physical experience.

For people to ignore one another is to increase one's limitations and restricts them more by setting up artificial energy forms of resistance. That means that although we have all of the known control factors that affect us or help us determine our own reality, there is still something else that plays a significant part in our daily life and that affects our consciousness. There must be something that stimulates our conscious and subconscious mind in a more practical way that we can all relate to. There must be something that balances out all of these varying degrees and opposing forces. Just as right and wrong, good and bad cannot be proven to exist, there still must be a way to make that decision and a way to bridge the gap and the conscious mind cannot do that alone. We are not or cannot be Mr. Spock from Star Trek!

So what is it that we are missing? What can be so simple and yet so complicated? It is about time to pull the rabbit out of the hat and/or let the genie out of the bottle. There definitely is something else that we have not touched on that does explain or affects our physical reality. What is it you say already! Voila, I say! It is LOVE! Love? Yes, love! Now what the xxxx does he mean by that, you say? Well, I can't answer that question in a short sentence, that's why I devoted a whole chapter to it. In fact, I would have liked to write a whole book on it, because love is not a simple matter; however, it was necessary to build a better foundation before we proceeded with such a simple but complicated subject. It is simple because everyone knows or recognizes the word love, but it is complicated because it is used so frequently to mean different things. Therefore, it is necessary to again take the cold sterile approach to explaining this term and its relationship to man.

To explain love, we need to define what is meant by love, because love has a lot of different meanings. In addition to meanings, love is expressed in two different ways or on two different levels of life. That is, love is first recognized on the animal or third level of life as the driving force which is manifested as animal instinct or the desire to mate and reproduce. In this case, love is a stimulating vibrational urge which is primarily an active extreme or polar energy force that localizes in its inherent gender that causes an imbalance. That imbalance, in turn, has its effect on that animal by causing it to seek an opposite that will balance out or neutralize that force and/or urge. Therefore, love on this level is somewhat of an uncontrollable nature, because it is caused by body chemistry that activates or triggers the animal to mate and propagate the species. During this period of activity, that animal sets aside its normal characteristics of seeking food, shelter, and security in favor of satisfying this imbalance.

Although man is not an animal, he still expresses the consciousness of his lower levels, because that is the basis of this physical reality. Man too has to seek, fulfill and express his organic, plant and animal characteristics, as well as his advanced intellectual levels of energy. However, man is not ruled by imbalance as much as animals are; therefore, he can seek and choose the time and/or place where he wants to manifest himself in a sexual loving manner. But again, this kind of love is still an animal characteristic which man has mastered or modified by his intellect to fit his social environment and lifestyle. On this level, love connotes a need or want that can only be satisfied by possession. This may not be evident to most people, because most people do not see physical love in this light, but see it as the highest form of expression between people. This is both true and false. That is, physical love can be considered the highest form of expression if the action is not done solely to satisfy one's needs and wants. We will explain that a little better later on.

Love on the third level or animal level is distinguished from love on the sixth level by its need for possession. If you really sit down and look at this animal form of expression, you will see that the characteristics of this love are manifested by man in personal contact. That is, man seeks to come close to another person of the opposite sex, perhaps embrace, kiss, hug and touch, and/or join one another in stimulating one's outward physical senses. All of these actions are related to the act of possession. Even if you logically reason that the other person involved exercises free will or the freedom to or not to participate in this form or terms of endearment, it still constitutes mutual possession on the part of both parties.

Possession is not exclusive of or characteristic of just one individual. Love or the act of possession at this level is then the bringing together for the mutual fulfillment or physical needs. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this form of love, but whoever is subject to this form of possession, or love, is still living in a consciousness or a condition of separation that seeks the outward complimentary physical partner, or opposite, in order to satisfy his physical needs. This love always seeks to take, to have something, or possess. It is not a long lasting permanent thing in and by itself and capable of control by the individual. It requires something in return. Basically this would constitute meddling, getting involved with, or relating to the nature of cause and effect that that person chooses to experience

Love on the sixth level of life is a different kind of love. It is love that is not easily understood by man, because most people are not conscious enough to recognize it for what it is, and those who do, do not know how to manifest it totally. This love is not based upon separation or a condition of division, but comes from the knowledge of unity itself. Such love is often referred to as unconditional love or universal love. This is an active manifestation of always giving, never taking, and therefore needs nothing in return. It needs no supplement, no physical manifestation and always radiates from the consciousness of one, the divine all, all unity, or God. People who know, understand, and are conscious of this love, do not want to possess anybody or anything; rather, they merely want to give in a positive creative manner. This giving is also not readily understood, for it is founded in the knowing and recognition that they are already one with the infinite all and need nothing more than to wish or recognize this consciousness.

Such love, this love, is the most perfect manifestation of God and man at this level. This is love or man just short of the totally conscious person or the God-man, who is the seventh and highest form of life on earth. If you know of any such person, let me know. I know of no one; however, they have been known to exist. Maybe they still exist, but I doubt if anyone knows where to look or how to find such a person. Besides, why would anyone want to find such a person is also a paradox that most people cannot properly relate too? That is, man cannot relate to that or those which do not touch them or affect them in a tangible or intangible personal way.

How, or better yet, why a person would want to seek someone who cannot affect them seems illogical in our physical reality. Yet, the desire is there. It is an inner drive of our becoming our higher selves. The strange or most important thing to remember is that a person who expresses this kind of love cannot; repeat, cannot dramatically affect someone else in an outward fashion; however, just being in the presence of such a person would drastically affect everyone on other levels. Remember higher consciousness transcends all forms of energy or forces. All levels of humans know and sense this consciousness in higher beings. They recognize on a subconscious level that such a person knows and understands our physical reality and how one makes his own reality and chooses that which he wants to experience.

Although love on, or expressed by one's sixth level of being, sounds somewhat cold and sterile, it is in truth, the highest form of love that can exist, and it can be actively sought and expressed, even if it does not involve direct commitments on the part of the individual physically. This love is the fairest of all and constitutes one's higher self and/or his expression of inner unity or all with the universe. This love is the knowing and feeling that one is doing what he does best. This is the love of knowing that that which you are doing, or involved in, is that which you are supposed to be doing. This is the inner knowing or consciousness of your relationship with all there is both on linear and non-linear bases of our reality. This love is the love of one's inner content and its position within unity. This love is the love of God and your expression of him through your being and becoming. It is the most perfect form of love. It is the law of the universe, which is perfect, but it also allows you to go your own way, and to express your own self, allowing you to choose your own reality. How you choose to exercise that love determines your own reality.

So you see, love is the energy force of recognition and control that is expressed by the principle of polarity. It is the most important law that you can know, understand, and express, in this reality, but in a sense it is an expression of acknowledgement based in unmanifested non-linear reality. It is the most powerful of all the energy forces that we have talked about so far and has the capability to penetrate and affect all of the other principles of control that we talked about earlier. That's because love is one of the few intangible forces that man seems to recognize and understand both consciously and/or on a super conscious level. This force, this power of love on the sixth level of life has the ability to penetrate even the densest forms of matter, or the strongest negative form of itself, which is expressed as hate. Because love is such a powerful and strong force, I want to take some extra time out to explore perhaps some aspects of this form or opposite that you may not be aware of in its application.

Strange as it may sound, love on the sixth level can only be expressed by someone who loves himself. That is the first and most important fact that you should know. Love is a form of energy that must come from within, or all your attempts to convey that energy form will fail. That is because to love yourself means to position yourself within the strong positive pole of love in its most potent or primordial energy form. When you position yourself within this life force, you can then express the power of the universe. You cannot do this effectively if you do not understand the seven principles of control. You must make a conscious effort to do this or you must already be expressing the laws of the universe by inwardly knowing your position in this life and reflecting that position to others about you. This is the importance of position that I keep talking about and that may sound so strange to you. It is that point where you are one with God and he is one with you. It is an expression of universal unconditional love.

Let me remind you that love on the third level leads you to expect more love or something in return. At that level you can also express the opposite of that love as hate if you are not conscious of your position. That means that love and hate are both based upon self identification or related to your position. That also means that you cannot effectively love or hate someone else unless you can identify with them or relate to them by some form of recognition. That is, you must have had some form of interaction or give and take, if you will, with that or those other persons. You cannot get emotionally involved with those who do not touch you physically or emotionally. You cannot normally express love or hate to that of a stranger unless you have positioned yourself mentally in an extreme condition of this energy force.

In a practical application, hate always involves a painful sense of separation from love and is an expression of that division. A person you feel strongly about or against upsets you because he does not live up to your expectations or does not recognize your wants and needs for his love. If you hate a parent, it is precisely because you expect such love. You cannot express or expect that feeling to someone you do not know or from whom you expect nothing. In a strange way then, hate, is a means of returning love. It is an expression meant to communicate a separation that exists in relation to that which is expected. It is a limitation or barrier that is designed to get one's attention.

Hate then, is something that is loved. That is, it is precisely because the object or person is loved so much that it is also so disliked, if your expectations are not met or recognized. You may love a parent, if that parent does not seem to return that love and denies you your expectations you may hate that same parent. Then, hate is meant to get you your love back. It is supposed to lead to communications; whereby, you state your feelings or clear the air, so to speak, and that brings you closer to that person. In a sense then, hatred is not the denial of love, but an attempt to regain it and the painful recognition of the circumstances that separate you from it.

It would seem that if you understand the nature of the two forms of love, you would also be able to accept the feelings of hatred. This previous example was related to a family relationship; however, this same thought pattern can also be applied to a work environment as well. That is, one normally does not think in terms of love, but in terms of recognition, which is really the same thing. I use the term recognition because of the sexual connotations of love on the third level, but love is the form of recognition which is in question. You must also remember that love is often confused with that which is considered a two way street, or that requires a response on the normal level of communications as expressed on the third level. Unconditional love requires no response on the sixth level. The difference cannot be identified unless both people can communicate at the sixth level; therefore, one must make a conscious effort to express love in the form of recognition in nearly all cases. This is the only way it can be understood in an outward tangible environment.

When you control love at the sixth level, you control enormous amounts of energy. When you express hate, your energy is transformed into dense thick barriers that defy penetration by other forms of control, except by someone else's love. By accepting yourself and your joyful being that you are, you fulfill your own abilities and nobody can ask for more. When you have reached this point or position, your simple presence can make others happy. You cannot hate yourself and love anyone else. It is impossible. You will only express or project qualities you do not think you possess which others will sense, unless they themselves are out of position. By expressing false love with the thought of personal gain is detrimental to all those involved. Such love only prevents one's own personal growth and creates more barriers and limitations. Such love cannot be expressed if one himself is centered around possessions such as greed, or the use of power, or authority, as well as perhaps only a person seeking knowledge. Remember to express love also requires balance and the control of one's self.

One last thought. When you love others, you should grant them their innate freedom and do not put restrictions or demands on them. Love, on the sixth level, requires nothing in return, but such love must also be understood by all involved. That is, one cannot abandon certain limitations without replacing them with a higher form of consciousness. One must be able to relate to love and there are various expressions and characteristics of love, but all love affirms unity of purpose and thought. So, before you stop expressing love in physical tangible terms, you must be sure you are able to communicate that love in other recognizable terms or actions. Remember, it is one's inner content that determines or limits one's outer world. Until one is conscious of this dimension of understanding one cannot hope to control one's self and/or convey that thought of unity with that of another.

The journey of life and to which we are all involved, is a growth process of learning. To raise one's self to the next highest level, one must increase or lift himself consciously to a plane of divine wisdom using universal love. This is a slow gradual upward movement of change similar to an awakening process or an amnesia patient, for which this book gets its name, "Who am I, Where am I and, What am I doing here?" These are the three questions that must be asked, before one can proceed on his journey and on his way to becoming his true self. But even as these questions become clearer, one must never forget who he was and/or where others are still. That is, one must be able to bridge the gap in others as well as himself. The law of love is the easiest and quickest way to bridge that gap. It is the one control factor that is easily accessible to the conscious mind because it also recognizes the unconscious super consciousness and/or non-linear realities where unity exists. It leads one to one's greater happiness and can take those people with whom you have contact with along with you to some extent. It is the only universal law that is constant. But remember, it also has an opposite side to it. Try to be conscious of that.

Now, if you haven't noticed, I have given you seven principles of control and one law. There is a slight difference. Laws usually pertain to manmade rules governing specific affairs of man. It is a declaration of position which is not to be questioned, but it is based upon a world or reality of separation and man being the creature he is, is subject to these manifested forms of separation or division. That means that man's laws are somewhat questionable, depending upon who is exercising the element of control. Consequently, most of man's laws are subject to a great amount of interpretation and flexibility that does not necessarily have anything to do with divine wisdom or truth; rather, it is more a reflection of those who exercise a great deal of control especially in monetary terms. Unfortunately, the legal judicial system is more a product of those who exercise their power to influence and then it is a question of right or wrong. Laws are supposed to be made and enforced for the greater well being of all concerned, but the only real test for a law is still within the individual. That is, if a law interferes with the exercise of free will, then it is not a good law' but a barrier or limitation designed to restrict or subjugate people for the interest of someone else or interest group.

Naturally, the best law(s) would be no law(s) at all, but again, this is not practical. The problem with laws is that they are too specific and relate to actions in a physical world of opposites or separation. Therefore, the best alternative for a law would be a principle. A principle differs from a law in that it reflects basic truths or a quality about life or this reality. In short, principles are general rules that do not conflict with one another, because they do not deal with the same thing or same issue. Principles are used mainly to explain physical manifestations or factors governing the control of energy forces, but as you can tell by our last chapter, they can also deal with the intangible. However, I hope that you have learned by now, that the intangible is just another higher form of energy in an unmanifested state. This may sound a little confusing and contradictory, but it is not because a principle is not enforceable nor can it be controlled in the normal sense of the word. That is, a principle cannot be used as a law, because it already is, or at least it explains that which is.

The dilemma of coming up with a principle as a rule or law for human behavior, is also quite complicated and/or impossible, because as stated before, a principle only describes that which is; therefore, a principle cannot be used as such for a rule or law. However, at the same time, the whole idea of society and group behavior is based upon a kind of sharing, or mutual benefit for the great well being of all; therefore, love is or can be used as a principle. But again, what good is a principle if it only describes something that happens. We need something more specific that we can relate to on a daily basis. You know dXX well that no one is going to pay any attention to something you can't do anything about. Or can you?

Everybody knows that man's actions cannot be predictable to the point of a specific reoccurring action or reaction given the same condition and circumstances. That's because each individual relates to the same thing in different ways or different patterns, even though man is somewhat routine or pattern oriented. Man's overall or general behavior patterns are thought or believed not to be consistent with each individual. Strange, isn't it? But given that logic, we must then reinforce it with the idea that given the same set of circumstances between two people, or given the same circumstances to the same person, separated by the element of time, the action or reaction will probably be different. Hence the logic that a principle cannot be used to rule or control one's human behavior.

I think the problem or the seemingly contradictory statements are a result of the principle of gender that is also involved here. That is, the word love is a lot more complicated than you can imagine, for it is manifested in and by each of the preceding seven principles of control; consequently, the principle of gender is the least known and understood of all the principles of control and it therefore is not recognized in its state or position. That means that love is manifested in a state of being or active state, and a state of becoming or a state of growth. The latter is not necessarily a passive state, but it could be. Perhaps the best word to describe becoming would be a state of development. In any case, when love is thought of as a principle, it is in this latter stage or state of development. There is little or nothing that can be done about it, but that also means that love can be and is a principle.

Love, in its active state of being is also a law. That's right; love is a principle and a law. This is not contradictory because the manifestation of love is multi-dimensional, so to speak. Love as a principle, states a condition of existence or reality that is affirming the positive nature of unity and purpose in our being and becoming. Love as a law, states an intent and/or reason for our purpose of selections. That is, there is no such thing as good and bad, only that which you want to experience. All of your actions are selected or done with normally good positive intents, even if those intentions are selfish and self gratifying only. It is the principle of cause and effect that makes your actions and/or selections either positive or negative in relationship to the rest of your society and this relationship is what makes one's own learning or growth process either of a negative or positive nature. You make your own reality.

Again, love is a strong, powerful force. It is consciousness in which God dwells in his purest form. Unconditional love is a principle and a law, because it affirms the greater well being of yourself and all others. It is both active, passive, and forever changing. It is the force that brings you back to your origin. This is our predestined journey from which we are so distracted with temptations, or physical manifestations, or resistance in our reality. You are in control of your own life. You are something great. I remember a poster that showed and said (usually portrayed with the picture of a small child) "I must be something good, because God doesn't make junk!" And using that same form of thought, the world and universe must be created with that same loving thought, or why else would it exist? Aren't we part of that same thought or plan? Therefore, love is a principle and a law, because it explains what is and can be. What we do with it consciously is something else. Will it be positive love or its opposite, hate? You make your own reality!

How do I go about telling everybody, like the song, that "Love is the Answer". How do I convince everybody that you can control your own self and/or behavior by being conscious of love in its many forms? How do I tell everybody that love is the driving force that keeps us going and keeps us in balance? Just as the universe is mental, it is also conceived in love. Through the application of this force, all matters can be easily resolved because that means that each person or individual could consciously reflect his higher self and/or position. In such an ideal position there could be no conflict. It is only when man cannot consciously find himself or goes against the patterns, laws, and principles of this reality, that there is conflict.

So when everything seems like it is going wrong, all you have to do is contemplate love. When things look bad or out of control, just sit back mentally and contemplate love. By doing so, you are in a sense meditating your position or state of being with all there is and you are actively seeking your center of being. From there you can also transmit your male gender principle to all of those who are receptive or unconscious of their higher being. That is, you can take an active part, literally, in making this a better place to live. You can transmit and transfer the energy of love or this law of love to all there is.

Even though these are some beautiful thoughts that we are talking about, I believe we still have a problem of practicality. In fact, maybe it isn't so much of practicality as it is in the relationship of the individual and his limitations and routines. That is, man is not accustomed to positive creative patterns or routines of behavior as well as they identify with or recognize the negative energy forms. Instead of looking inward and transmitting the thought of love, which is manifested into caring and sharing, one seem more capable of expressing the negative form manifested in hate. Through the ages, man has sought and gotten accustomed to demonstrating his disapproval and increasing his limitations or barriers to his higher self. He has now gotten into patterns and routines that are now unconscious forms of responses. That means that it is a lot harder for man to liberate himself in a more positive creative manner.

This problem of negative thought patterns is reflected in our whole society. I have stated and said that love is a law, but where do you find any such law written or appearing in any legal books of man, except the Bible? You can't. That's because men originally sought to clarify only those things that were negative to man. But by constantly stressing the negative features of manmade laws, he has done or accomplished the reverse. He has instead, used these laws to set precedence or guides for supposedly good behavior. But how can something that is based upon a negative energy force support or stimulate good positive behavior? It would be the same situation as mentioned earlier of trying to love someone else, when you don't even love yourself. You must position yourself on the positive energy side, before you can transfer that force to someone else. However, our society seems to be doing an excellent job of manifesting this reverse energy form.

So you see, you might say that the law of love may be considered to be unknown or forgotten, except in its form of manifestation on the third level of life and some exceptional people who are becoming conscious of this energy force. Over the years, man has seen fit to ignore this truth and has tried to supplement this law of love with literally hundreds of others. It seems strange, almost too strange, to me that the most important and most powerful law of man has been conveniently forgotten or overlooked most of the time.

Instead of love, man seems almost carried away with the making of new laws, rules, regulations, and other ordinances etc. However, man will never succeed in replacing the law of love, but the reverse is true. There can only be one true law and that is to love unconditionally: You can eliminate the whole legal and judicial systems of the world by creating this one law. You can also change the Department of Justice to the Department of Love and all you need to run it is someone who can consciously recognize love. In matters of conflict, all you have to do is to sentence each of the individuals involved to a couple of hours of silent meditation of love.

Impractical you say! Yes, you are probably right, but again, what a beautiful thought. Man is not yet ready for such simplicity, because simplicity is so complicated. Just think of all the people that would be put out of work and are necessary to perpetuate the existing system of legal justice, besides the conscious learning patterns and routines are just not there nor are they being properly developed. Man is not used to looking within himself for answers and therefore, he cannot properly relate to someone else who does know and understand this unconditional love. Most people think that kindness is a form of weakness and they usually try to exploit it to their personal advantage. Trying to send love or break down barriers of hate with love is difficult. Remember, most people relate better to separation and division than they do unity. Our tangible physical outside reality is based upon separation and it is difficult to make others aware of the concept of unity, when they are so surrounded and distracted by these forms of manifestation.

One might think that because we live in this kind of physical reality and can express love that we are the higher life forms. However, love requires effort to overcome resistance and that allows us to change what we do not like, or that which is detrimental to all life forms. Reality is a matter of belief and belief is another form of matter in an un-manifested state. We make our own reality. We should seek our higher conscious form of being and becoming and to consciously strive for universal unconditional love at all times, not because it will benefit just ourselves, but because it will also benefit others and everything else. That is, by sending and/or being conscious of the energy of love, one can begin to break down the barriers that divide us and separate us from one another.

By being conscious of love, we will all benefit and grow, because we will have found our proper position and balance within this multi-dimensional reality. If we reasonably succeed in becoming more conscious, we will all be on the right path on our journey of becoming. We can also be consciously aware of our position, place, mission, or purpose, in making this reality a good learning experience. Just as the learning or behavior diagrams indicate, happiness is a matter of being conscious and transmitting universal unconditional love. We make our own reality by choosing that which we want to experience.

I admit that most of what I am talking about is of a theoretical nature, but you also know by now that all physical manifestations begin in the mind. Sure it is somewhat impractical and it may be a little rough for a lot of people to become accustomed to these thought patterns, but don't you think that it is worth the effort? Remember, the real value of anything depends upon the amount of effort you are willing to put into it. It is a quality relative to your efforts. Again, to love unconditionally is somewhat unrealistic, in our terms, but think of all the benefits if it were possible. It would be a lot simpler and easier if everyone knew and understood this inner content; however, not everyone is on the same plane of life. That doesn't mean that you have to adjust yourself to a lower vibration plane, but you should demonstrate and use love in practical ways. Do not treat anger with anger, but use it to produce positive results. That is, for every negative, there is an equal positive form. You cannot eliminate or remove darkness, without first letting in a little light. Use the seven control principles to turn everything into its positive form of creation.

If man could only learn to recognize himself with recognition, what a beautiful world this would be, but man needs help. By learning to understand the principles of control, one cannot help manifest and recognize love. By understanding the principle of control, one does not limit himself more, but expands himself more consciously; thereby, he increases his being and becoming. He recognizes himself with recognition and learns to love doing it. By learning how to love unconditionally, he could turn night into day. He could find his true balance and position within this physical reality and he would find this reality virtually limitless with no barriers or restrictions. By learning to love again, man could find his way back to unity and to be one with God. Don't you think it is worth the effort?


Love and hate share but one single gate.
Open it wide and see what's inside.
Pass it by and nothings tried.
Step inside and there's no place to hide

Is it love or is it hate?
Shall I go or shall I wait?
Is it choice or is it fate?
Shall I enter through the gate?

To enter, one is centered.
But to wait could be one's fate.
Selection is one's direction and
Position determines one's transition.

Black and white, day and night, which is right?
Or could it be what you see is really what you want to be?
One and one are two, but is that true?
The answer is up to you.

To love or to hate?
To enter or to wait?
Must one choose?
Or must one lose?

Love and hate share but one single gate.
Open it wide and see what's inside.
One must give in order for one to live, and
Recognition is the key of what will be.