Section III - Chapter 16 -- THE MENTAL ASPECTS

I think this matter of understanding and learning the sets of opposites sounds a lot simpler than it really is. I tried to indicate that somewhat by my explaining about the separation of one's own self into the mental "I" and the "me". This is further complicated by another set of laws or opposites that can be referred to as gender. That is, each of these sets of opposites and one's own being exhibits two other separate qualities. In physical reality, this gender law can be compared with the knowledge of positive and negative charges commonly used to explain electrical currents or energy. In a more common application, we use gender to distinguish the biological differences in a species as well as the term sex. With so many examples around, I don't think I need to describe this form of separation any further; however, I do want to describe just how this law of gender works in relation to our sets of opposites and other intangible forms of thought.

To begin with, I want to say that although gender is mostly associated with the distinction of the sexes, it is not restricted to a single sex. That is, both male and female human beings exhibit both forms within one. A man exhibits both male and female qualities within himself and so does the female. The two separate qualities or forces coexist in one. They are opposites existing side by side and in balance with one another like our circles of unity. These opposite qualities are not just restricted to biological functions or living organisms. Gender is manifested in everything and on every plane of existence.

Getting back to our original patterning of defining words, gender refers to, or means to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce: whereas sex usually refers to a physical distinction between male and female living things on a certain plane of existence. I used the words positive and negative earlier to try to describe gender; however, there are certain wrong connotations associated with these two words, therefore, I would like to explain that a little better. First of all, the word negative has certain undisputed connotations of something either weak or something which takes away from something to make it less than it started

There is nothing negative in the term negative. The so called negative pole or post of a battery is really the pole of force, by which the generation or production of new energy is manifested. That is, the positive charge attracts the negative forms of energy and the union is met with the creation of great excitement and movement that produces some new form of manifestation. In order to stay clear of this confusion, I will use the word feminine in place of the word negative and male in place of the positive form of this manifestation.

Using the example of electricity, during the union of the male and female forms of energy, a female form becomes satisfied, or receives some additional quality or value that can produce or make this union an act of creativity. A certain process is begun whereby the female particles vibrate rapidly under the influence of the masculine energy which circles around the latter, resulting in the birth of a new atom. This new creation becomes detached and leaves to start on a beginning or a new form of manifestation, carrying with it something of that former association. After this union, the resulting new creation is a separate thing having new characteristics that no longer exhibits the property of free electricity, but a state called ionization. This is a new stable energy form that is in a state of balance and is capable of entering into new relationships that was not possible to the previous separated forms of either before it.

The part that the male energy form seems to play is that it is capable of directing certain qualities of energy toward the female energy form and its presence seems to stimulate the female energy into a state of activity and/or creation. But remember, it is the female energy form that is doing all of the active creative work, and this is true on all planes. Another way to look at this is that the female aspect represents present and past whereas the male represents future. This is also a state of balance in that one form is incapable of doing anything without the other; however, in certain planes of existence, these two forms can be found to exist in one and are capable of reproducing or creating. In the higher forms or planes of existence, these qualities of gender are manifested separately in physical reality; however, they still retain their identity within each individual or being and are necessary in order to exist either physically, mentally or spiritually. That is, life cannot exist unless one possesses the energy forms of gender. Remember, very early in this book, we said that the purpose of life was to use energy, and this is the only way that energy can be used.

On the mental plane, the masculine principle of gender corresponds to the objective, conscious, voluntary and active mind. The female or feminine principle corresponds to the subjective, subconscious, involuntary, passive mind. In the last chapter, we talked about the dual aspect of the mind as the "I" and the "me". Then we said that the little I or me doesn't even know that the big I exists, that's because the big I really exists in the super conscious mind which is unconscous to the me. In this relationship to gender, the "I" represents the male gender and the "me" represents the female gender principle. The "I" is always in the aspect of being, and the "me" is always in the aspect of becoming. To know and understand the principle of gender is to possess the keys to control and master your own being and to make your own reality. But, before I give you the element of control, let's make sure you understand the duality of the mind.

Earlier, I explained Rene Descartes' theory of "I think, therefore I am". I believe everyone could relate to this statement and agree with it; however, on closer examination and the need to make life a little more complicated, as the song goes "Is that all there is" (that Peggy Lee made famous), seems to indicate that there is this other something more. This other something, we already said, was the "me" aspect that works in unison with the "I". The "me" is usually mistaken for the "I" because one thinks in terms of tangible outside forms of manifestation that correspond to feelings, tastes, likes, dislikes, habits and other characteristics, that make up one's personality. The individual and others can identify and know this form or person. The "me" also consists of all accumulated knowledge of the self in relationship to everything in the outside physical world. The "me" identifies with the body and the physical needs and care of this outside appearance and may extend even to one's clothes.

With most people, the mind seems to be something that belongs to their body, which in a sense it is, but it is also quite independent. In fact, as one increases his level of consciousness, he learns that it is just the other way around. The body belongs to the mental part of one’s being. However, man limits himself and still believes that his mental state concerning feelings, needs, and wants, are a part of his physical being, rather than things produced by his mentality. That is, he may be able to identify himself as this separate form of inbalance, or being, or creation within himself, or of him, instead of a manifestation created by him. Through the process of learning opposites, one soon discovers that it is quite easy to recognize the differences and change one’s, feelings, wants, and needs. He also learns that these characteristics that he associates with himself or his physical body, are really not part of him at all, but are routines or patterns with which he associates in relationship to certain outside conditions or stimulus.

As man begins to recognize his own ability to understand and to know of his own abilities to generate thought, he will discover the approximate position of his self, or the balance point between his "me" and "I" aspects of himself. He will have learned the point at which he can have absolute control of his thoughts and actions. This is the point where everything happens. This is the position where thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, feelings and all other conditions of wants and needs, are generated. This is the point where the female aspect of the mind, joins with the male to produce or create that which is the "me". It is at this point, that the mental thought receives some form of energy and support from the "I" aspect of one’s being and produces an intangible thought form that is later manifested into lower forms of matter or reality.

This mental aspect is the concept that I have been telling you about for some time; "THAT YOU MAKE YOUR OWN REALITY". Now you know how you do it. If you can achieve this point of recognition of yourself, you will also begin to see another point or aspect of yourself. That is the "I" aspect. Once you have discovered the self in balance, you will notice that there is another part of you that is capable of standing aside and has the capability to watch its own mental creations in process. This is the object "I" part of your being. I suppose the "I" can best be described as being a part of the Will. That statement pretty well confirms what I have indicated from the early part of the book, that learning is a matter of one’s mental position.

Now, I have been able to effectively show you how one's position can be changed or be manipulated in order to bring about a form of learning which is relative to knowledge, possessions and one's self. By the willing and/or movement of the "I" a form of energy is directed to the "me" which transforms this energy into an intangible thought form that is relative to some form of creativity that is then transformed into some form of action or physical manifestation. The action of the "I" or Will is something of a one shot deal. That is, once it starts the ball rolling, it stands back and watches what it started, and it can no longer control the process unless the individual is conscious of his "self" or balance point, which I occasionally refer to as one's point of focus. In short, you might say that the "I" wills that the "me" to begin and proceed on a path of creation in a direction that is designed to teach itself a form of recognition that will bring it closer to itself and/or unity.

Let's repeat that last statement in more detail. It deserves a little more attention. The masculine "I" principle is the initiator, instigator or whatever, and it is always providing direction and energy in a relationship to balance. The feminine "me" has a much more varied field of operation. The "me" is the actual doer of the two. That is, it takes the energy and/or stimulus from the "I" and is responsible for all that occurs from then on. It can do or manifest all kinds of energy forms, both tangible and intangible. However, without the male, the female "me" is apt to sit back and rest, content with receiving impressions and images from the outside physical world.

It is the "I" that is responsible for producing original mental thought or creations. But even though the "I" is responsible for new original thought and/or primarily resides in the realm of unmanifested non-linear reality, the "me" is somewhat locked into limited patterns of recognition and resides in only physical reality. That is, the "me" is bound by limitations or beliefs as to what it can do that is relative to the outside physical world. The "me" relies on patterns that are familiar to it and the knowledge and understanding of its self and/or its reality; consequently, it limits itself to patterns or routines that are known to it which in turn, somewhat stifles or slows down the creative process of the "I". The "I" is a pattern initiator and the "me" can be considered the end result, or the "I" is the beginning and the "me" is the ending. This might also be compared to high technology or mathematics as the X and Y axis or how a digital analog process works. That is, there is a movement first in one direction followed by a movement perpendicular to the first in a series until a point or end result or shape is formed. This is similar to a cause and effect relationship.

I am sure that you can distinguish this gender principle in yourself and in others in your daily lives. I am also sure that you will agree with me, based upon my preceding explanation that few people really employ or use the masculine male principle in their daily lives. To use the "I" principle requires the use of the Will or energy from an inward nature, away from the physical tangible world where our "I" reality dwells. Until you are consciously aware of just what our reality really is, there is no way that you are going to see much in the way of creative thought. Only those artistic freaks and weirdoes seem to have some idea of what this thing known as original thought is and everybody knows that they are crazy and are not in touch with reality. Therefore, that means that the main thought here should be that you must first understand our reality and that one's reality is really based upon separation and that balance between these two worlds is important to one's growth.

Let me go one step further in this explanation of gender, to show you another possible inherent danger or problem associated with the principle of gender. In order to do this, I must again explain how the principle works. The Will moves the "I" into a position so as to stimulate the "me". How this is accomplished is by a change or difference in the levels of vibration within the "self". That is, the "me" relates to physical reality; therefore, its vibration level is less than that of the "I" which vibrates at a higher level. Consequently, the "I" is capable of energizing and/or stimulating the "me" into action. The "I" imparts a piece of itself within the female "me" and it accepts it and makes it its own and acts and thinks accordingly. Because the "I" is so strong and powerful, this higher level of vibration is capable of stimulating not only the mind of that particular individual who originated the idea, but it is also capable of stimulating almost anyone who dwells in the female "me" part of himself. Unfortunately, this is the majority of most people dwelling in physical reality.

Most people are content to live according to the thoughts and ideas instilled into their "me" from the "I" of other people, and they don't even know it. Most people are too lazy to use their own willpower to stimulate even themselves. They go about their everyday lives thinking other people's thoughts and performing routines and patterns that are expected of them by other people. Then they even go about expounding how other people's freedoms in other parts of the world are dominated by the governments of those other societies. I think a lot of people better take a closer look as to what is happening around their own back yard.

The industrial revolution tried and was very successful in molding consciousness to the needs of others and/or institutions. In fact, our society built upon these principles and encouraged conformity as a means of strength and that which was good for material prosperity and progress. The media carried its message to all with the same thoughts and consequently, these ideas set into motion creating a subservient society dedicated to the idea of central authority and/or rule from the top. The idea of one's own value was second to that of the country or society first. This is still the dominant thought force in existence today and in the foreseeable near future. This acceptance of authority seems the best alternative to most people right now, especially with a supposed threat of one's security by all those hostile countries out there who are anxious to take over our country by physical force, so they can impose their will on all of us. You know everyone who is not with us is against us and wants to dominate us. But now those ideas might not hold water, or be true, if what I said earlier was true. I think the biggest threat to all societies or countries might be if everyone were to become conscious of themselves and their world or reality, which is based upon separation.

As I indicated before, man has free will, but he is limited by his own self. His limitations or beliefs are a product of his own being, or rather, becoming. But he is also susceptible to thoughts not his own. Therefore, man can very easily become a victim of his own environment or others by the sheer passive nature or female aspect of his self. By not exercising his own free will, or male aspect of himself, he becomes a slave of those who are capable of exercising that power. Man makes his own reality, and all of it stems from a mental nature or intangible source based in unmanifested non-linear reality. The element of control over one's self must first begin in the mind, and hopefully in the mind of the originator or self.

The problem that the average person is faced with is that they tend to be receptive and dwell or position themselves in the "me" portion of their conscious mind. They are not aware of this thing called separation, and the dual aspect of the mind. Man tends to be lazy and seeks comfort in patterns of recognition; consequently, he isolates himself from himself and dwells within that reality that he thinks is the most important and probably thinks it is his only reality. To regain control of one's self, one must become conscious of separation and to learn the value of our twelve sets of opposites. Remember, the behavior diagrams that show that value precedes selection both on a conscious and subconscious level. Also, remember that value is the amount or degree to which one is willing to expend efforts or energies for. Therefore, if you are not willing to expend your own energy to find yourself, you will probably not find anything else either. Instead, you will become a passive, willing recipient of others and/or your environment. Without original thought or actions, you will become mere shadows and echoes of others that have stronger wills or minds than yourself. Unless you know why you are doing something, you shouldn't do it. Ask questions. You do not do anybody any good unless you know why you are doing what you are doing.

This whole book is designed to be a learning experience. Hopefully, you will begin to think more clearly and with more intent as your relationship to the cause and effect world around you. Hopefully, you will be more deliberate in your thinking and actions and learn to consciously control your position or point of focus in a more positive creative manner, for if you don't, you will be nothing more than a pattern of routines or a dull shell of a structure that reiterates and regurgitates a reflection that resembles a human being. You must learn to live and be alive. Learn to be truly free and a collaborator with yourself. Learn to use the knowledge of opposites to awaken yourself and to see how beautiful life really is. There is no such thing as good or bad, it's only a matter of what you want to experience.

Man tends to separate or polarize himself in one aspect of his being and tends to dwell in a state of inbalance. That is, he selects a position which is a balanced condition, or one aspect of reality, which is in fact or in truth, a reality in an unbalanced condition. The reason for this tendency to dwell within this one aspect of reality is the level of one's consciousness and man's reluctance to use energy to seek a true balance. Earlier we said jokingly, that what you don't know can't hurt you. Now, I am not joking. I would like to make it plain and clear. What you don't know, can hurt you. You must learn to dominate your own self. You must learn to use your Will to obtain the mental images that helps you to help yourself so that you can help others. The masses of humanity in all societies are sheepish like creatures, yearning to be lead, directed, and controlled. They do not seek or demand much. They are eager to please, get along, and to be liked in return. But, they can also become willing pawns in a game of power and/or control, which can become very dangerous and detrimental to everyone's growth and physical life itself.

The person who knows how to control the masculine aspect of their mind is the actor who can make other people laugh, cry and weep, as he wills. He is the successful actor, statesman, preacher, writer, successful businessman, and natural leader of people, who can motivate and make people do things that they would not normally do on their own, if they were left up to themselves. The knowledge and control of the masculine mind is the key or secret of personal magnetism, influence, fascination, and all the other forces that make one stand out above the crowd. However, it can also belong to a person who seeks personal attention and/or some other form of greed and/or wealth. Like our statement on beliefs, a belief does not have to be based upon truth in order to be a belief. It merely has to be an indestructible certainty on the part of that individual, whether it is right or wrong. Therefore, there can be a problem for those people who, either knowingly or unknowingly, possess this aspect of control. For they can understand their form of power over his fellow man for the benefit of all, or they can use it for selfish interests and/or to help a personal few at the expense of many others.

The knowledge of the masculine "I" aspect of the mind is of no value or use if one does not know how to control it, but if its use or control is known, it should be carefully exercised in a balanced form in our physical reality. That is, it should not be hoarded like a vain foolish act of greed, because it is a form of wealth, and it should not be used constantly, unless there is good and just cause(s) that can benefit from all that may be involved. The law or use of energy is what physical reality is all about.

We are a part of God, and he is part of us. Together, we are one. We are a part of the universe of God and he is us. The problem is a matter of separation and consciousness. Now you are on the right path to begin your journey back to him. Those who stray will find the going tough. Those who violate its natural laws will suffer greatly. Remember, in a world based upon separation, you must learn to use one law against another, instead of fighting against them. To fight against a natural law is to expend great quantities of energy and to gain little. To work with the laws is like playing our child's game of, "Scissors, Paper and Rock". One will dominate the other, but each has its value.

The value of knowledge or information is for use, not to be kept secret, locked up, and stored. Knowledge, without use and expression or manifestation is a vain thing which brings no good to its possessor. The computer revolution is suppose to be an age of information. Wealth will be sought and/or available to those who possess great knowledge. The fantasies and popularity of spy movies, reinforce that belief. That is demonstrated by the fact that the spies are always trying to get, buy or sell, information that is considered extremely important for protecting someone or country against a supposedly hostile opponent who is always trying to control or dominate others for their own benefit. But remember, information is no good in and by itself. It must relate to something else or relative to a particular desired end result. So you see, the physical world or this reality is more mental or intangible than you really think or believe.

Knowledge is not quite the same as what I described earlier in this book as pattern routines, but patterns of recognition. Unlike the definition that states: knowledge is the accumulation of facts of certainty, I think that we have demonstrated that few things are certain and that most things are always in some state of becoming, which is really the female aspect or manifestation in physical reality. Knowledge is more a relationship that involves recognition of position or movement. That is, the individual does not necessarily know for certain as to what something is, but rather what something is becoming. I know this sounds confusing, and I had hoped that we had gotten all of the confusion out of the way by now and were ready to use our newly acquired knowledge to all our benefits. Well, about the only thing I can say is that I, myself am still learning and I cannot provide either you or me with a satisfactory answer to this question, because I cannot determine where the male "I" part of this form of physical manifestation might reside, other than it might be in a higher un-manifested form of energy occupying its structural form in non-linear reality. This idea is basically saying that the self, like God, is not capable of recognition. But, this is not the point that I really wanted to make.

What I really wanted to say was that knowledge should be put to good use and not be used indiscriminately. That is, it must in some way relate to that which you want to accomplish in a positive creative manner. You should not just reflect knowledge, just as you should not do something without knowing why. These thoughts are all designed to get you to think so that you will become more conscious of yourself and your reality. That's what life is all about. You are to use energy to bring you back to your origin and your path will be shortened and your journey made easier if you become more observant and conscious of all those forms of energy that point the way.

Again, man is lazy; consequently, man learns routines as a necessary evil, or a way to get from here to there. This is not knowledge so much as it is the recognition of an acceptable pattern that serves a physical function, but not necessarily a mental function. Doesn't that sound like a common complaint of a lot of workers in our industrial society? I think some people might even refer to such work patterns as boring! It is also the cause of a lot of wasted time and efficiency. Given the proper incentives and support, you might be amazed at what one of these supposedly lazy and stupid people can accomplish, and it doesn't necessarily have to be money as the prime motivating factor, it is only a matter of recognition.

As I also said earlier in this book, life is a learning process. Unless you are willing and able to spend or expend energies toward this goal, there is no worth or value to life per se. Maybe, there are so many lazy people out there because there are so few true leaders out there who know how to properly motivate and guide their fellow man. It is hard to do something alone, but when you have help, it is so much easier. Even if that help is not of a tangible nature, the knowing why is a very, very important part of the act or the accomplishment. Patterns or routines may be acceptable to society in general, but it is not acceptable to the individual in the direction of free will and choice.

Hopefully, now that you have learned the element of control, you can take a more active role in behalf of your own self. That is, you can now feel comfortable in the knowledge that you can or are originating your own creative thoughts. You should also beware of mental miserliness and express into action that which you have learned. Study the laws of separation and opposites. Study that which is relative to you, but also practice what you have learned. Balance is important in life. You can't sit back and always watch, listen, and be passive. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, or fear failure. Remember, these latter terms or events are only relative to a group environment. Failure or fear of mistakes is only relative to the society in which you live. These designations are either formal or informal rules or regulation standards by which we conform to group behavior or the main element of control. If you think independently and act accordingly, then it is not possible to make a mistake or fail. You may not achieve what you set out to do in the time period you want to do it in, but you have made an effort, and you have learned from it.

Whether you succeed or fail at something is really up to you. If you want something bad enough, you will get it. If you fail at something, I am sure your values concerning that something are subject to change, or will require a new effort, possibly in another direction to accomplish the same thing. The main thing is that you should never give up. Try, try again, is a very good philosophy. The tangible physical achievements are not as important as your own growth and progress to your own being and becoming. I think at this point, there is another beautiful saying that I think is appropriate here and I would like to repeat it in a slightly altered form. It goes something like this: "If you have* something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was". Everything is relative. If you put out an effort, it will come back to you in more ways than you can think of. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gathers more meaning and substance than one can imagine. Another saying: "Nothing ventured, nothing lost", is another interesting quote. This is somewhat based upon negative thought. However, it is also a double negative and that makes a positive. That is, what do you have to lose? A person who never does anything never gets into trouble. You have to do something in order to get something. Make it happen!

* Original wording: "love someone".

To change your mood or mental state from a position of rest or inactivity, you must learn the law of opposites in order to change your level of vibrations and/or consciousness. This can be done by understanding and controlling the aspects of the dual mind. You must stimulate your female mental aspects of your mind into action by positioning your masculine "I" in the direction that you wish to go. That is, you must direct your energies of your Will to that which is relative to you. On a conscious level this requires that you pay specific attention to directing your mental vibrations toward a desired end result or accomplishment that you believe you want to achieve. Once this is done, the Will energizes the female aspect of the mind to draw upon the knowledge of what things are relative to accomplishing the task or desired end result. Then this stimulation takes this area of knowledge and develops it by presenting various forms of patterns of recognition or routines. The end result depends upon how conscious the person is, who is involved and/or the emotional level of the relationship.

To cultivate the art of one's conscious attention by means of the Will is the mastering of one's self and the knowledge of how to control one's state of being and becoming. The knowledge and use of opposites plus a few more things to be discussed will provide you with all you need to speed up and give you absolute control over your mental processes, which in turn will manifest itself into physical reality. If you are in a state of fear or possess fear, do not waste time trying to kill fear, but instead, cultivate the quality of courage that can relate to actions that can or may be used to correct or alter one's condition or state of being. This turning to an opposite condition will automatically dissipate one's fears. You may still be in danger; however, you will now be changing the stimulus and making it weaker the more you seek alternatives of courage. If you consider your physical body above all else and think about and dwell on all the possibilities that can happen to you and/or your body, then you will only intensify your fears. To get rid of the bad or negative or darkness, you must allow the opposite to enter into being and becoming. You might even think of the saying: "Let there be light!"

The mastering of opposites is part of the mastering of one's mind and/or being. Without the knowledge of opposites, one cannot know freedom and will not be able to effectively deal with or determine one's own environment. If you can only devote a little time, care, patience, and practice, to this mental process and the law of opposites, you will be able to master this physical reality. The value of anything depends upon the energy or efforts you are willing to give. The law of opposites and gender are true, but the results obtained by each individual in the application of this principle of usage, depends upon the efforts of each individual. One must learn to change the negative into the positive form of the same quality. That is, the opposites are of the same quality of vibration, but they are only separated by a matter of degree; therefore, they appear different. To understand this intangible quality of difference is almost impossible to manifest in uncertain terms; however, it exists just the same. All forms of energy have their equal opposite. That is the state of the universe. That is reality. Consequently, one can change a condition by energizing its equal opposite, making one more dominate over the other. The mind is capable of transferring energy and transmuting one state or condition to another, degree by degree, opposite to opposite, vibration to vibration.

From all of the foregoing, you may now see a relationship about our reality that was not evident before, and that is that one can exist in one part of a state of separation and not be aware of the other part, or for that matter, even care. This is the condition of inbalance that I told you about earlier. That is, one can exist separate and apart in this physical reality, but eventually a state of true balance must be achieved. Inbalance is a state or position that is out of balance, but yet it is stable within certain limitations like our circles of unity. That is, it is a condition all its own, but has its opposite that also exists. The two exist side by side and are stable. Together, they possess abilities beyond any one of them separately. This is the stuff that miracles are made of.

Nature compensates for the imbalance that occurs in physical reality by creating cycles or movement. That is, nature puts everything into constant motion and a pattern of radiating or revolving that somewhat acts as a gyro which is used to navigate an airplane or other vehicles. The gyro acts as a stabilizing force by creating its own small gravitational field, thereby keeping everything associated with that instrument in balance. In short, motion creates stability by creating an artificial force that holds or draws everything connected to it in a relationship of balance. The limitations of this motion are the limitations of its control. What all of this means is that there are cycles or rhythms created within one state of separation in order to create a balance or stability within itself or plane of reality, as well as a motion or cycle between these realities similar to our principle of gender. However, and again, these motions and cycles are also based upon vibration or movement not unlike the idea of energy and resistance. To understand these movements is to understand and control one's self and one's reality.

Just as black and white are opposites of the same thing be it shades of white or shades of black, our sets of opposites all possess the same qualities of one and there is motion between them that strives to achieve a balance. Over a given period of time, there are equal periods of day and night, so must there be equal stimulus, moods or emotion, concerning our sets of intangible opposites. This thought also lends credence to my statement that most people's lives are very routine or pattern oriented and they don't even know it. You may think that you are expressing free will when you are actually expressing that want or need of a cycle phenomena based upon the laws of imbalance.

The whole process of wants and needs associated with our behavior diagrams deal primarily with this cycle movement or rhythm. What we think we may need is not a need at all, but a point of extreme limitation reached by or affected by our own vibrations that are in a state of imbalance in this physical reality. Perhaps, I should restate that and say that the wants and needs are real, but that they are reflections of one's own vibrations in relationship to one's own cycles. These cycles are very, very similar to human biorhythms that have just been identified as affecting behavior by creating or identifying periods of extreme cycle overlap or stress in our physiological human make up or patterning.

Now just because we are affected by cycles or rhythms doesn't mean that we have to be controlled by them. In fact, that is the point of this whole book. You make your own reality. The more you know about yourself and what affects you, the more you will be in control of yourself, and boy is that neat! Just think, no more hassle or fear from wants and needs, because you have acquired or possess the ability to understand these wants and needs as to just what they are. You control them, not they you. By learning and mastering our sets of opposites, and using the gender principle, one can dominate or control these rhythms or cycles that occur in man and nature. By becoming more conscious of your self, you will begin to see or notice these cycles within you and by energizing yourself at a certain point or position, you thereby polarize yourself against the movement away from that point. That is, if you are in a pleasurable state of being and don't want to enter the state of becoming, then you can insulate or polarize yourself against changing that mood or feeling, to a great extent, by mastering the ability to control your cycles completely. By learning how to concentrate and use the gender principle of the big "I" you can maintain a perpetual state of bliss, if that is what you want.

By concentrating and using the reason of logic, which is nothing more than understanding one's position, one can overcome the downward negative swing that all forms of separation must follow or experience. Let me emphasize, that by polarizing one's self does not destroy or alter the cycle, because that law is indestructible. The action of concentration simply allows you to overcome one law with another and thereby neutralizes one with the other. Scissors cuts paper, but paper wraps the rock that can break the scissors. The laws of balance and counter-balance are in operation on all planes and between all planes. By mastering the law of opposites and learning how to control one's "I", one is capable of changing his level of vibration and creating his own reality, if he so desires.

The masses of people are carried away or along, obedient to their environment, the wills and desires of others, the limitations of their own patterning or routines imposed upon them by themselves and other outside causes which tend to control their life and/or destiny. By learning the laws of separation, one can learn and master the game of life, instead of being moved about and being used by others or at the mercy of one's environment. If and when these laws are mastered, you may still not wish to exercise complete control over yourself and/or your environment, but the option is yours.

The wise or conscious person serves on the higher planes of existence and rule or control on the lower planes. That is, the wise man obeys the laws from above, learns to understand his existing plane, and exercises control over the lower domains. The wise man works with the existing laws by understanding their relationship and movements and their becoming, then uses these laws to his benefit and growth. He is not the blind servant or slave of these laws and he knows that fighting them is a futile battle against continuous ongoing forces.

To effectively influence one's environment, one must first learn to understand one's own self and that has a lot to do with understanding of one's mental self. The process of balance and evaluation precedes that of selection and selection precedes physical actions and manifestations of a tangible nature; therefore, balance is a mental condition involving a position or point of focus. Almost everything we have talked about since we described the physical universe has been in connection with man's mental abilities or the intangible world of matter and energy forms. All physical actions are based upon selections that were determined from abstract intangible qualities or values based in unmanifested non-linear reality. That means that energy forms are derived from a mental nature or origin in man. If this is the case or true with man, might it not also be true with the manifestation of physical matter? That is, energy might have an origin or being of a mental nature of God and man is but an extension of God or part of God; therefore, there may be more to this physical reality than meets the eye.

What I am getting to here is that nearly everything we have talked about is of a mental nature. Might it not be said then, that the universe may be considered wholly mental. If this is so, then it is also reasonable to say that if it is mental, then it can only be ruled by one's mentality. If the universe is truly mental, then the mind must be the highest power affecting this reality. Reality may be a mental creation of the all or God and subject to the laws of separation. The universe, as a whole, and its parts or units may have its existence in the mind of the all or God. Therefore, if the universe is mental, this mentality is not just a mere collection of facts; rather it is based upon the relationship of being and becoming. You make your own reality. You are a mental being equal to all there is. It is only a matter of consciousness that separates you from what you are and what you can become.


Where there is a Will there is a way,
or so they say.
What this means is hard to say,
but it effects us in every way.

From an intangible spiritual source
comes a tangible physical force.
It is that thing that makes us go
and swings us back , to and froe.

It guides us to where we want to be
and takes us to what we want to see.
It makes us get involved
and determines how things are resolved.

It is the essence of what we are about
and creates certainty or absence of what is doubt.
What is this unknown quality?
It is that thing that makes me, ME!

Where Will and I reside
is a question and/or guide.
For in this physical reality
There is no thing called Finality!