Section II - Chapter 11 --

THE STRUCTURE of THE UNIVERSE In talking about patterns and physical reality, I keep coming back to a theory of unity and oneness. In the last chapter, I made reference to the fact that patterns (beginnings and endings) have strengths and weaknesses. All patterns and forms have inherent advantages and disadvantages which depend upon their use and/or application. An example of what I am saying lies in an old game that children would play called, "Scissors, Stone, and Paper". For those of you who may not have heard of or played the game, it is a game whereby one can guess and demonstrate with the proper hand symbol, which of the three objects dominate on a show of the hands. Should all three symbols appear, there will be no dominance or control, but should only two of the three objects appear, one will dominate. That is, scissors cut paper, stone breaks scissors, and paper wraps stone. The reason why I keep coming back to the theory of unity is because it is the only structure that does not have a weakness and cannot be controlled as we know control. That is, it is the only unite that stands by itself. All other numbers are composed of the number one in multiples or fractions of the number one. Therefore, no number, no matter how large it is, is not or cannot be larger than the number one. In a sense a larger number acts much like a fractional or decimal number in relationship to the number one. You can have more than one object of something and accumulate more than one of something, but it is the same as the original or the first one that you started out with. Therefore, the number one is the dominating or controlling force of anything. As long as I am still on the subject of opposites, I will also say that the smallest number that can be achieved is the number zero. Zero, is actually a void or nothing and nothing is smaller than nothing in our physical reality. But since zero or nothing is actually something known, it does take on a neutral negative characteristic. Therefore, when nothing and everything or the number one are put together the number one dominates. This is expressed in a simple mathematical formula of 1 + 0 = 1. That is because, in a physical reality, the positive form must dominate. This is also explained in my own coined word, "inbalance", which indicates that a physical object, form, or pattern, is really out of balance with unity, but that it is also relatively stable.

Before the universe was created out of everything and nothing, there was no such thing as time or space. That is a hard concept to swallow! The reason for this statement lies strangely in the theory of our learning triangle. That is, time and space do not and cannot exist, unless there is a relationship. That's almost like the definition used to identify sound. In that definition, to have sound, you must have a sender and a receiver. Therefore, if a tree falls in the forest, as the old saying goes, there cannot be any sound, because there is no one there to hear it. Man's physical limitations, will not allow the recognizer, to recognize that event with recognition. The individual must be present or in a position of consciousness, before a relationship of understanding can result.

I think that most people can and will accept the concept that time is a relative thing, because of Albert Einstein's theory of the speed of light and moving objects which was finally proven recently during a solar eclipse by the moon. During that period of time a measurement was taken of some far distant stars near the position of the sun and it was proven they appeared to have move due to the gravitational pull of the sun in relationship to the light of these know fixed stars.

Now, just to jog your memory a little, you may recall in an earlier chapter that one of our definitions of physical reality had to do with, "the image made in relationship to the meeting of light rays at a certain point or points"; therefore, theoretically, time slows down the farther one gets away from the sun, or at least, it is not the same for a person who is at a position of rest and for another who is in motion. This is expressed in Einstein's Theory of Relativity and now famous formula E = mc2 (energy is equal to the mass of an object, times the speed of light multiplied by itself - note the reference to the speed of light again in relationship to time.).

I had hoped to stay away from very technical matters, because of perhaps poor interpretations on my part to translate complicated matters into simple everyday terms. However, I do find it necessary to carry this conversation one step further. Before Mr. Einstein died, he published another important document, known as "The Unified Field Theory". Just the name of this theory alone, is interesting and relevant to my theory of unity that I have been suggesting; however, the Unified Field Theory, deals primarily with that of physical matter only. Therefore, any names and places or similarities to my own thoughts are, or may be purely coincidental, as they say about certain TV shows and motion pictures (even though it may not be.).

What Mr. Einstein tried to do in the Unified Field Theory is to try to tie together the mathematical formula that establishes this world of matter we call physical reality. His concept was based upon complex formulas involving ten sets of equations relating to gravity and six sets relating to electromagnetism. In short, he mathematically identified the patterns or forces that hold our universe together in a state (position) of inbalance, separation and stability. However, before his book was widely circulated, Mr. Einstein withdrew his original text or theory and claimed that it was incomplete and needed further refinements. After seeing what man did to his Theory of Relativity and using his formula of E = mc2 for developing the atomic bomb, he may have avoided a full disclosure of this new theory.

Mr. Einstein's "Unified Field Theory", is primarily based on the premise that matter is a product of energy, rather than the reverse, and are not separate entities. They are one, or unified. This is exactly what I myself stated earlier in this book, but I really didn't explain it just that way but I used the words together to explain resistance and energy as the limiting factors involving self-control. I suppose then, we can also define physical reality a little different than what I chose in the last chapter as, "that which is relevant to the senses". Perhaps a better definition might be the point or points at which energy enters into a state or position of inbalance, stability, and separation by creating a unified field of energy and resistance, resulting in a form or force which we call physical matter. This definition gets us away from the need of having a recipient as the determining factor, and/or the explanation of the tree that falls in the forest syndrome.

Strangely enough, Mr. Einstein himself did not believe that gravity was a force itself, but a product of the space-time continuum that relates to a field-energy concentration or pattern. He contended that gravity is directly related to other forms of energy and primarily electromagnetism. In simple terms, Mr. Einstein believed that gravity was the end result of a relationship that involved energy and resistance otherwise known as time and space. If this were so, then, time and space could be used and controlled by man, something like an electromagnet. Naturally, the consequence of learning to manipulate time and space could drastically upset this thing we call physical reality and which is the subject of a book called, "The Philadelphia Experiment" by Charles Berlitz.

Like our learning triangle, the unified field theory may be the basis for another self supporting triangle that creates our physical reality or our environment on a large scale. Such a triangle would be composed of three elements or forces known as: magnetism, gravity, and matter. The space in between these points is where to forces of light intersect with these three forces that would then manifest into our physical reality, divided by space and time. It is this unified field theory that holds the structure of this manifested physical reality and/or universe together. It is only a matter of time that time can be controlled and it is only a matter of consciously knowing and possessing an understanding of the unified field theory or the relationship of energy to magnetism, gravity and matter before one is able to recognize the relationship of energy and how it interacts with light.

Physical reality is an entity self supporting and sustaining unto itself. Formed if you would out of a series of patterns or limitations that create forces of imbalance that allow for change, but are stable and separated out of a unified state or position. This position or state can also be explained in a way that adds credence to my theory of unity. Therefore, I would also like to go into an explanation of how this relationship called physical reality enters into being or existence in a unified field. To explain this, I must go into an explanation in an abstract manner, but also through the science of mathematics, which is very precise and absolute in itself.

Our physical reality can also be expressed in relatively simple terms. To explain gravity in more simple terms Mr. Einstein states that gravity is a product of separation. That is, it is caused by the forces that produce a state of separation or imbalance. In short, Mr. Einstein calls it a concentrated pattern of energy. I believe we are talking about the same thing. Opposing patterns or forces of energy are created that are striving for reunification; however, the forces of resistance are also at work and results in a slowing down, cooling, and hardening of energy. Without the resistance of matter, our physical reality would not be possible. Creation begins only when one force separates itself from unity and sets itself up opposite the creator as resistance. Therefore, gravity can also be thought of as those forces that are striving for reunification. Gravity is indeed the product of separation.

This product is manifested from the state of unity; therefore, it enters or departs from the sum total of everything which is expressed in the number one. This manifestation can also be depicted as a single dot or point which again is singular. All energy and forces of the universe are movements that emanate from one point, their own center, and radiate outward or away from their center point in circular waves or as spherical vibrations or oscillations. This example is demonstrated by the largest and smallest shapes or forms found in the universe, that being planets and suns on one hand, and atoms or molecules on the other hand. But probably the most interesting and most common form in nature is that of water. In its smallest form of a droplet, it is completely spherical in nature. On a global scale, it is also spherical. It is only on a limited basis, where water is confined to containers, such as a glass, does water exhibit the quality of being level or flat. Interesting, isn't it? It is also relative.

In any case, this point of departure represents the number one or unity. Upon entering a one dimensional world, if it could or does exist, this point would then become a line. That's because everything in a state of separation has a beginning and an end, or limiting extremes. But it is also interesting to note, that instead of progressing to the number two, we automatically achieve the number three. Even though we are talking about opposites or extremes, we are also talking about three factors. Anything that has a beginning and end must also involve a space in between, no matter how short that space may be. Therefore, the next logical number in a progressive reality is the number three.

Considering that we have started out in the most simplest manner possible and have only proceeded but to include two numbers, you may have noticed that there is no way to achieve the number two. Any movement of a point must involve three factors. To achieve the number two, there must be some significant basis to establish the number two and its proper place in our numerical system. The only logical solution to this question must involve the splitting of unity and the establishment of opposites as two different realities. That means that the number two can only be achieved when those two opposites are set beside each other. But, because unity cannot exist in a state of separation, it must project a reflection outside of itself. When such a division takes place, there is a sense of death to unity and the creation of limits that obscures the origin and concept of the number one. Supposedly, the word doubt, which represents a kind of separation within the mind, is closely related to the word double or the word which stands for the number two.

To make sure that we are correct in our establishing a basis for the number two, let's carry this logic a little further. In a two dimensional world as we understand it, we have length and width; therefore, our line would become a plane. Our line, which consists of a number of points or dots, would also mean that these points or dots would be projected perpendicular to the original line of force. Therefore, if the force or energy is equal, a flat square or plane that looks like a postage stamp will result having four sides and composing an area of limitation. These sides and the area in between would then be composed of five factors or the sum of the number five.

In our three dimensional world, we are concerned with length, width and depth; therefore, our line or plane would now become a cube. That's because, another force would have to generate a third projection relative to the first two forces. The only possible result of this force or pattern, originating from a singular point is that of a cube. This shape consists of six sides or planes and an area of limitation or inner content and would be representative of the number seven. Therefore, the number seven is the basis for all physical matter in the universe in its simplest form. Besides the biblical references, that is why our calendar is based upon a seven day week.

As you can see, there is no way to arrive at the number for two logically, other than the division or separation of the number one. That also means that the resulting manifestation, not the number two, is less than the number one that unity represents and that is because the other half of unity is not manifested. But, in proving the existence of our world of physical matter and separation, we have just come up with another contradictory problem. The problem that I am referring to is the actual shape of the cube itself as the basis for physical matter. I have mentioned many times before, that energy and resistance are the two major forces that control our world. By explaining the shape of energy, I have just described a shape that seems relatively unstable or in a condition of stress. That's because, the points and/or corners of a cube are not equal distance from one another. Consequently, this variation in distance causes tension and unequal forces of stability.

So how is it, that the basic building block of the universe is unstable? Why or how does physical matter maintain its relative stability or imbalance if it is in a constant state of stress? There must be something missing, wrong, or something we are overlooking, in the composition of matter. We cannot have a shape or pattern of force that is unstable, or else everything would return to a state of unity. Yet, the logic and outward appearance of the shape of the cube would seem to indicate that everything is correct. If it is an unstable shape, then why doesn't it break down and return to a state of unity? The only possible answer must lie or have something to do with the space in between, or its inner contents.

We have already discussed one shape that does show this kind of stability, and that was the shape of unity; otherwise distinguished as a circle or sphere. Now, obviously, this shape is the basic building block or unit that composes the more complex patterns and shapes found in a one, two, and three dimensional worlds. Just as the atom is the building block for molecules, this same thought form applies to all patterns or forces in a state of separation. Consequently, there must be a more complex pattern or structure that offers some form of stability. Since there is no two point geometric shape found in nature, we must go to a three point shape. Eureka! We found it! It is the shape of a triangle. Amazing! It is the only figure that can have each of its points equal distance from one another. You can check the rest of the numbers and shapes, but take my word for it; it is the only one that creates a pattern of stability. You may have also guessed this figure before, because of my references to the learning triangle and the triangle that I called physical reality.

You may be asking yourself at this point, what does the triangle have to do with the shape of the cube as our basic building block for physical matter? The answer to that question is contained within the cube itself. I have explained how the three dimensions or planes provide the outer limits for our world; however, hidden within the shape of the cube, is yet another pattern based upon the triangle. To arrive at this inner shape, one must dissect the cube. To do this, start from one point or corner of the cube, say the bottom left, and intersect each of the three planes. This will bring you out to the two points or corners opposite and oblique to the original starting point. In effect, you are cutting off one corner of the cube, but if this were done four times, the resulting shapes would be quite different from that of a cube. It would result in a tetrahedron triangle, which is a four sided figure composed of four equilateral triangles.

So there you have it, the cube is not a cube after all. It is really four tetrahedron triangles which are very stable, because each has points equal distance from one another. That means that there is no strain or tension and that makes the cube itself stable, because each of its corners rest on an inner equilateral triangle; thereby creating a condition of equilibrium and harmony in a relationship or state of rest. This harmony can also be demonstrated by flattening out each side of the tetrahedron into a flat single plane. The result of this flattening would be the creation of a single large equilateral triangle. Therefore, one should be careful of outward appearances. It is the inner content that is important. Matter cannot exist without it and that must also apply to man himself, because man is composed of matter.

Man is composed of and controlled by the same laws as those that govern the universe and physical reality. Man too, has an outward and inner appearance and that is but half of his own unite or unity.
In describing our world of physical reality, I may have overdone it a bit with somewhat boring details; however, I also felt that this explanation was necessary to clear up the concept of unity and separation as a necessary and important factor in the creation of matter and man. If you have followed me up to this point. I am about to enter the most difficult or controversial part of my description of our own reality or realities. In talking about separation and the creation of matter, I have not said anything about that which is opposite matter in a state of separation. That which is opposite matter is the more controversial world of unmanifested reality and/or spirit.

In most cases, people tend to link the subject of spirit with that of theology and religion; however true to that reference, it also applies to a state or level of consciousness. That is, spirit is the opposite, unmanifested part of unity and therefore part of everything. If physical matter were to be compared with the number one, its spiritual opposite could be represented by a zero or nothing. Whereas, matter can be referred to as resistance, spirit can be compared to pure, unlimited energy. At this time, I would also like to link the usage of the word unity to that of God. This reference will not satisfy those who have a concept of God as a moral, all powerful being or entity that has absolute control and qualities similar to man himself; however, I believe it is the only undisputed, all encompassing explanation of God that is possible in a world based upon separations and limitations.

At this point, you may be asking, how is it that spirit can or is manifested in matter or man without destruction of both or the return to unity, if it is opposite to one another. Well, just as I explained earlier, there is a common relationship. That relationship is based upon a structural form or pattern found in both matter and spirit. For unity to manifest itself outside that state or position of being, it must take on or assume three factors, because any limited reality must involve a beginning, an ending and a space in between. These three factors can also be translated in terms relative to unity. That is, the beginning or one point of a triangle is the same as the recognizer, the ending or third point is the recognized, and the space in between or second point is the recognition. This is the resurrection. A state of perfect harmony and equilibrium. In a Divine state of unity this is a condition of complete consciousness, whereby the three are one and the same. Therefore, unity or God in a state of resting within himself is one in three or three in one. Put into a structural geometric pattern, this is the form of an equilateral triangle. This explanation is basically the same as the definition I used earlier to describe physical reality; however, the difference between the two is in the mental position or level of consciousness. This will become more significant as we progress.

Before I leave the subject of the triangle, I would like to make sure that you haven't forgotten that we were talking about one in three or three in one in a state of unity. When any force is manifested into physical reality, there is a separation and our one in three emerges and becomes one and three and that makes four. This relationship to physical reality is also demonstrated by the fact that hidden within the shape of an equilateral triangle is another triangle in reverse. This relationship makes our one triangle actually composed of four triangles of equal size. This brings us back to the shape of our cube and its inner content, the tetrahedron, which when flattened out forms one large equilateral triangle in the exact configuration as our triangle that represents unity. Voila, we are back to where we started which is the shape of the inner structure or form of matter again. Amazing, isn't it!

Another way to demonstrate the relationship of matter to spirit is to look at the shape of the cube again. Instead of cutting the cube as we did before, starting from the lower left corner point, what would have happened if we had started from the top left corner point. Well, the answer would be nothing or the same physical shapes as before, except the figures would all be in reverse, and the tetrahedron would be upside down or standing on its point, instead of its base. So what is so great about that you say. The answer is a matter of the relationship of two possibilities, or the complimentary halves known as the positive and negative forms of matter. Only one can be manifested in our physical reality, but the opposite is also possible and it represents the un-manifested reality or spirit of that which is and in non-linear time that creates multiple alternate realities.

Our two tetrahedrons in their respective positions represent the structural form that matter can take in a state of complete equilibrium, or as I call it an imbalance. All matter and forms of creation contain this inner law of equilibrium. Therefore, man too, has an inner being or plane of contact with this divine form or pattern of being, just as the tetrahedron is relative to the shape of the cube. If man searches outside of himself, he will not find this divine being. That logic can be demonstrated by taking another look at the cube. Outwardly, this form takes on the shape of a square or cube that rests on one of those flat planes. Should the planes of the cube be unfolded, they would form the shape of a cross or the letter "T". This is also representative or the symbol used in theology for the crucifixion. In a manifested physical state of separation, this flattened out form represents the limitations of man crucified on the two beams of time and space in a three dimensional world of matter; that is, if man solely identifies himself with the outside world or physical reality. Remember, looks are deceiving.

Looking again at the cut up cube, and rearranging the tetrahedron and its corners, back to back, it is possible to end up with the shape of a pyramid. This is the form that is possible when man or matter reveals and reflects outwardly its inner form or shape of its divine self. This is the form or shape of man or matter in its spiritualized self. This is the divine self in complete equilibrium and harmony with All There Is. The recognizer, the recognized, and the recognition, are all one and the same. Isn't it strange and interesting, how dumb and smart the ancients were? These primitive people had few conveniences and/or material wealth; however, for some reason they had come up with and adopted many of the symbols that have a logical mathematical form or structure to them that represent man and matter in their relationship to this physical reality.

It is only from within that man can find his own true self. Man is the only single creature, composed of matter, that can consciously combine the laws of spirit and matter. He is the connecting link and is the only one capable of living by the laws of both worlds. Man's thoughts, words, and deeds, result from the act of giving and radiating energy in the form of universal love. On the other hand, man's body belongs to the material world of physical matter and he must abide by those laws too. When man directs his attention outward, he expresses the laws of resistance that results in separation that slows or retards his own being from progress and growth to his own true self or origin. When man works with the two laws spirit and matter in harmony, at the same time and in the right place, he is expressing the laws of divinity. However, if man should work against the laws of either, or if he should express them at the wrong time and place, then this act would be considered satanic. Hence, the origin of the word Satan.

The origin of the word satanic, meant something neither good or bad, but a condition opposite the laws of harmony or accord to that of the natural laws that govern both man and matter. Since man is the only creature that can consciously express both laws, it is only he that can enter into an act or condition which is considered satanic. Therefore, Satan, cannot exist as an entity unto itself or himself alone. It, or he, needs man in order to fulfill such actions contrary or opposite that which is or should be. Therefore, Satan can be considered as the law of matter that has come alive through divine spirit. That which is satanic, can also be considered the unconscious force of resistance. That is, it is an expression of the law of matter manifested by those who cannot identify or express the laws of giving, loving, or radiating forms of energy. Satan is the drawing inward, cooling off, paralysis, and extreme forms of possessing that man does unconsciously when he is dominated and expresses the laws of matter.

You may have noticed that I had underlined the word consciously a little way back. I will explain this word at considerable length later; however, I do want you to be aware of the fact that it is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish between the laws of spirit and that of matter. In fact, in the last paragraph, I mentioned that "extreme forms of possessing", are done unconsciously; yet, many people seem to be aware of what they are doing. Therefore, I qualified that statement by mentioning that this is so, "when he(man) expresses the laws of matter". What I mean by this statement is that man reacts to a patterned response to certain stimuli, rather than to use his free will and divine inner guidance of his own true self. That is, man instinctively selects to hold on to what he has, or to control and dominate for the purpose of his own material well being, that which is the basis for the laws expressed in matter. In short, one solidifies and fortifies his position for controlling the power that matter has in the world of physical reality and separation.

At the beginning of this chapter, I mentioned that all energy and forces of the universe are movements that emanate from one point, their own center, and radiate in circular waves in all directions and manifesting themselves as vibrations or oscillations. These vibrations, in turn, manifest themselves on many levels as wave forms, wave lengths, and/or frequencies. Because man is limited to the range of this physical reality, he can only perceive a certain number of these wave forms because of the limitations of his physical senses. The appearance of manifestations into matter depends upon the ability of our senses to perceive this movement, motion, vibration, frequency, or whatever you call it. Those wave lengths not perceived by our senses are ignored by our mental consciousness, but just the same, they are there and they do exist in unmanifested non-linear time. Those wave lengths that are still within the realm of our consciousness, but are not considered matter is: sound, electricity, heat, taste, smell and light. Beyond this, are the waves that affect mental activities and life itself? But all of these forms, no matter what their shape or configuration, they all contain a divine inner quality of equilibrium or circles of unity.

As matter, or forms of matter, becomes less and less dense, they have fewer restrictions or limitations; therefore, they become lighter and closer to the laws of spirit. This variation of matter and various forms of life represents different degrees of resistance corresponding to a level of consciousness that, in a sense, recognizes their divine inner quality. If for some reason, one could induce an imbalance of energy to that of matter to overcome its resistance, one would in effect produce a chain reaction of burning. This process is basically the liberating of energy and/or the state of unity and all consciousness. Therefore, although resistance has the ability to slow and harden everything in the world of physical matter, so are there forces that have the ability to counter or offset those qualities. Therefore, man has the choice of selecting which of the laws he wants to exercise. His selections are then predicated upon which laws support his best interests in supporting or sustaining his life in the world of physical matter, or those that bring him closer to a reality of unlimited energy or a condition of total unity. The latter situation, while sounding extremely favorable is also frightening, because it could result in a situation of limbo or a meandering dream like state of non-linear unmanifested reality, if the mind or person were not disciplined.

What I am saying here, is that God is present in every creature and form of manifestation. But he reveals himself on every level of existence only as much as each form can consciously experience and bear his divine creative force, corresponding to his own level of resistance to create that life form. To consciously experience force, means being this force, and simultaneously it means radiating this force in all directions, including one's own body. Therefore, the body or creative form must recognize and learn to be resistant enough to withstand this radiation or again, it will burn up and destroy itself similar to that of a short electrical circuit.

Although man finds it difficult to distinguish between the laws of matter and spirit, he can do so if he can raise his level of consciousness; however, as I indicated, he can only do this to a certain limited degree without ill effects detrimental to one's own physical being. To do this, one must begin to recognize the difference between the world of effects and the plane of causes, otherwise known as intuition. The learning triangle is the subconscious means of growth whereby one should begin to see and observe these relationships in motion. However man must not just react to stimuli just for the sake of a response, he must know what he is doing and why he is doing it. This is a matter of consciousness. This is a matter of growth and increased tolerance to vibrations of a higher frequency otherwise known as consciousness. This is the limited process of the recognizer, recognizing itself with recognition.

That which has separated itself from the state of unity, cannot return to the state of unity without spiritual help. This must be done by that known as a conscious being. That being man, because man is the only creature who is conscious of this origin and the laws of both worlds. Man can identify with that of matter, because he is the same as that which composes matter. The individual is one or part of the earth and its creatures, drawing from it nourishment which is the same thing as resistance, and giving to it consciousness or pure energy, somewhat like a bride and groom in harmony or a state of bliss. This striving for harmony is characteristic of all love and this relationship is expressed in everything, including our bodies as weight. But there are some people out there who kind of overdo this kind of love a little bit.

In any case, when man uses his consciousness in creative endeavors, he must always relate to matter in the form of resistance or weight. He must not ignore these properties and laws of matter and must not work against them or his ability to spiritualize matter will end up in another form of negative destruction otherwise known as, and considered as satanic, or that which is against the patterns and limitations imposed by those forms and forces of nature or physical matter.

As stated in an earlier chapter, man's purpose is to use and exercise the use of energy for the betterment or well being of all. Now we have also included that of matter as well as that of one's own fellow man. Man can alter the pattern and form of matter and thereby enlighten or spiritualize it in a limited sense, because man is of both worlds. However, this process can also work in reverse. That is, man himself can deaden or impede his own progress to his own enlightenment and /or growth. The relationship of man and matter affects and can benefit both, thereby hastening the return to unity for both, it is only a matter of consciousness. The structural pattern of man, matter, and all things in the universe, are based upon the cube and hidden within the cube is the tetrahedron. It is the one indestructible form or pattern found in everything and nothing. It is the uniting element. It is a form of unity. It is a part of God. Therefore, we are a part of matter and a part of God. We are one and the same. It is only a matter of consciousness that separates us. So we must be something special, because, "God doesn't make junk!"

Man then, is a unique creature. He is not completely matter, nor is he entirely spiritual in his being while he is in this earthly physical environment. He maintains his position in both worlds at the same time. Man maintains his position in both worlds by controlling his consciousness. By limiting one's self, he can maintain his point of focus or position by willing his consciousness to recognize only certain things which operate at the same vibration level as that of physical matter. Again, the recognizer, recognizes its being with other forms of recognition that relates to his imposed limitations. That is, man has chosen to recognize or establish a basis by which to relate to certain vibrations which we call matter. Therefore, his selection has created patterns or laws by which he recognizes his environment.

As stated before, man has selected and separated himself from unity in order to bring life to that of physical matter. Matter is the outer limitation and structural pattern in which his consciousness dwells. Hidden within, is the inner content and bridge to the spiritual world of infinite unity. Through the use and exercise of energy, man is able to control his physical being and to sustain life by taking and converting heavier elements of matter or nature into lighter forms of energy. This process called nourishment is designed to release or breakdown the forms of resistance to other lighter forces that have a lesser resistance. In this process, energy is released and literally enlightenment takes place in the matter eaten. So while you are sitting there reading this book and thinking about all of the other things you could be doing, at least you may get some comfort out of the fact that you are doing something good for somebody and something (yourself and matter) right now or at least every time you eat.

The situation or condition of spirit being born unto matter is not without certain problems. Resistance is a very strong unstable force. Therefore, man must learn, know, and recognize, the forces and forms of resistance in order to survive or support life in this reality. During the process of separation where man enters the world of physical matter, much of his consciousness is lost or severely restricted because of the limitations of matter and the forces of resistance. Consequently, man himself loses consciousness of his own spiritual being. He becomes unconscious of his own true self, because he is limited and subject to the physical senses that can only perceive the vibrations of physical matter. As a form of matter, he lives to fulfill wants and desires in a world of cause and effect resulting from the laws and limitations of physical matter. Yet, remember, man is not what he appears to be. There are outer physical patterns and there are inner intangible patterns. Man can distinguish the differences; he just needs to know where to look. He must recognize himself with recognition. However, he also has the option not to recognize what he is if he relies solely on the outside world of physical matter.

At this point, I feel that you may find my writings a little difficult to follow because I know that I am contradicting myself. This is unintentional on my part; however, it is true with so much of our lives.
The major problem lies in one's position and level within that position. That is, one limits one's self to the immediate environment or circumstances in a linear time sequence rather than a totally defined base. More simply, because of a constantly changing environment, one adapts to the limits of the existing pattern or framework; therefore, one can change or contradict one's self without losing too much cohesion. There is a certain specific relationship to, in this case, the words and the subject at hand, also the English language has a lot to be desired.

Earlier I said that, "man is the only creature who is conscious of his origin and the laws of both worlds", and then I turn right around and say that man is unconscious of this same situation. The problem here lies in the ability of the individual to be completely conscious of linear and non-linear relationships. Few, very few people possess this ability. It is all a matter of selection. That is, what one consciously chooses to believe, determines his reality.

Man is outwardly motivated, because he is part physical matter therefore he may chose to be only conscious of that which he can identify with his physical senses. He is limited to those laws which control and govern the laws of nature in a world of cause and effect. Consciousness can change that world and the individual; however, we must first know what to look for and understand the concept of unity. That is the reason for my ambiguity in my writing and this is the same problem that we all face in our daily lives. It is the question of what level of consciousness we are dealing with and with what reality. One can control his own destiny, but he must first consciously select what he chooses to experience from a state of separation which is first derived subconsciously from non-linear reality.

This problem is most noticeable to us, during a natural life process called sleep. Scientist have a problem in properly explaining the purpose and necessity of sleep for human beings. Most scientists agree that sleep is a necessary process whereby the body relaxes and rids itself of toxic wastes that have built up during the conscious waking hours of the individual. Supposedly, this period of rest, refreshes and re-balances the cells of the body; however, the scientists are also puzzled by a few individuals that don't seem to sleep at all, and they seem to function perfectly normal.

I have yet to read or hear anyone try to relate the subject of sleep to the problem of separation. That is, perhaps sleep is a function designed to relieve man of his mantle of physical matter and return him to the state of spirit from which he came. The constant limitations of physical matter and resistance uses up a lot of energy that is needed to maintain man in a state of separation. Sleep is a state of super consciousness in an unmanifested non-lnear reality from which man can return to his other state of being which is spirit However, because of the vibration level of non-linear unmanifested reality, man usually has no conscious memory of this other dimension that he can relate to when he re-enters the physical world of resistance; therefore, he ignores this spiritual reality.

This thought concerning sleep cannot be proven, as is true of all processes of the intangible. However, in this case we have some form of evidence that tends to support this thought. During sleep, there is still the question of mental activities of the individual. That is, although the body is at rest, the mental activities seem to continue, but at another level that is not always relative or compatible with our world of physical matter. In short, we call this type of mental activity, dreaming. This activity is often an incoherent, chaotic pattern of intangible mental thought activities which may seem to parallel our life in physical reality, but it does not affect our physical body per se in most situations. But, just the same, it does take on all of the characteristics of physical reality without the involvement or side effects of the human body or physical matter. While in the state of dreaming, there is no difference to the individual. It is only when he is awake that he makes a distinction of what is real and what is not.

Apparently, the question of reality has been answered in favor of physical reality, because man seems to spend more conscious time in the world of physical matter and the individual seems to exercise more control over his own personal situation. That is, physical reality appears to offer more conscious coherent and cohesive linear sequences of events and interaction which involve more laws or limitations that direct cause and effect relationships that control the individual and the learning process which is integral with growth. Again, the ability to control and be consciously aware of one's environment is an important factor in one's physical reality.

The body is linked to that of physical matter and the mind while controlling the body must still be limited by the laws and limitations of matter. Therefore, although man still maintains his identity in both realms and realities, the relationship of the mind is not as dominant as the body is in the thought process. However, if man can increase his level of consciousness, he may be able to distinguish a greater reality and free himself of the limitations imposed by the world of physical matter. Remember, you make your own reality. There is a pattern or structure to the universe that governs your physical body; however, you do exist in a state of separation within yourself. Therefore, you do have a choice and can select your own limitations both consciously and subconsciously.

What better way to end a chapter on separation than to lend a little thought about the parts that make up the whole. "The Part" is a piece of prose that may make some sense.


There dwells within me the person of my being.
That being is the person of my conscious self.
This is the person of that which I am familiar.
This is the person I normally think of me.
This is the person that walks for me and talks for me.
This is the person who has feeling and awareness and senses my environment.
This is the person who responds to that which stimulates me.
This is the person who is the sum total of my experiences.

Yet, there dwells within me conscious activity and thought which does not normally fit that of my being.
There is a part of me which is in awe of the wonderment of life and nature.
There is another part of me that knows the true origin of life and the nature of personal reality.
There is a part of me that expresses beliefs beyond that of verbal or written communication.
There is a part of me that seems to transcend this reality, this world, and this life of physical dimensions.
There is a part of me that senses and experiences existence on a multidimensional level.

There is a part of me which is conscious and living in the present realm of time and space.
There is another part of me that seems equally alive but lives in the world of my dreams.
This is the part of me that is the person of my being.
This is the part of me that I have chosen to concentrate my energy and present point of focus.
This is the part of me that makes its home in this reality.

Beyond this present world of reality, there exists still other parts of me which are equally valid.
There is a part, or parts, of me that have been here before and will be here again.
These are the parts of me which do not have my focused attention and energy of the present.
There are also parts of me that could have been and others that still might be.
These are the parts of me, fragments, that live in a world of probabilities and parallel time.

There is finally the part of me which is the real me.
This is the sum of my parts.
This is the me that knows even more and is more knowledgeable than that of my conscious present self.
This is the me that knows no limits and ALL THAT IS.
This is the me of which I am, I was, and will be.
This is the entity of my being.
Here dwells the true person known as me.