An Evening with Thoth

Sharon Shane

Thursday, March 11, 2010 7:00 to 10:00 PM - Pebble Hill Church

320 Edison-Furlong Road, Doylestown, PA Edison Furlong Road, Doylestown, PA @ Pebble Hill Church (Yellow Barn)

Sponsored by the Society for Metaphysical Enlightenment 267-261-2768

Thoth has been guiding humanity from the time of Atlantis through ancient Egyptian civilization to present. From beyond the physical Universe, Thoth has channeled through numerous human channels the teachings of Metaphysics and the essence of spirituality. Sharon Shane will channel Thoth on a variety of topics which includes an introduction to Thoth, the Universal templates of the Holographic Universe, Flashing Universal principle, multi-dimensional consciousness and alignments with the Templates of Light


Sharon Shane is a channel intuitive, international speaker and spiritual teacher with over 17 years experience. She is the author of five books, In the Garden of the Goddess, The Rhythm of the Cosmic Pulse, Architects of Light, Spiritually Awake in the Physical World and Teachings from the Temple of Thoth.

Sharon teaches ongoing classes and workshops through her Liquid Light Center Internet chat room, as well as offering one-on-one personal phone sessions. She can be contacted at: Her website is:



April 8, 2010
Pebble Hill Church
Doylestown, PA.

Program guest Speaker Dr.Judith Long
Title: Enlightenment

Raise your frequency to experience the joy that you have worked to achieve. We have all envisioned, cleared, released,contemplated, meditated, toned and moved and in doing all this created a picture of what we want. Now learn how to raise your frequency to receive it!!! That's all that's left to do.

Join us for this powerful evening as Dr Judith Long leads us on a journey in the fast lane to realizing our new envisioned