Section I    WHO AM I?

Chapter1 -- In Search of A Start

Chapter2 – Reality or Morality

Chapter3 -- Journey to Understanding

Chapter4 -- The Sociological Identification

Chapter5 -- The Learning Process

Chapter6 -- Self Control

Chapter7 -- Behavior

Chapter8 -- Patterning

Chapter9 -- Good, Bad, Right, Wrong

Section II   WHERE AM I?


Chapter 10 -- Physical Reality

Chapter 11 -- The Structure of the Universe

Chapter 12 -- Patterns of Recognition

Chapter 13 -- Consciousness

Chapter 14 -- Beliefs


Chapter 15 -- Opposites

Chapter 16 -- The Mental Aspects

Chapter 17 -- Control

Chapter 18 -- Law and Love

Chapter 19 -- Communication, Common-Union, Communion

Chapter 20 -- Recognition

Chapter 21 -- Mortality

Chapter 22 -- The Awakening




This book is dedicated to Seth, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.It is through their co-ordinate efforts that they have provided me with the key that I have been looking for all of my life.I have used their material throughout my book without special notations, because I feel that they are so a part of me and my thoughts.  I'd like to thank them for being themselves and for what they have given to me in doing so.



When I graduated from high school, a long, long, time ago, I remember signing a yearbook for a special friend of mine with a message something like this, "I am a victim of my time and environment". I remember that I did feel that way and believed that back then, but now I can't believe I could have been so wrong. Then again, it was correct at the time. I attribute a lot of that thinking to the average public educational system that seems to foster such ideas.

Our society and the public educational systems do not seem to understand or offer any guidance or alternative positive thought processes or philosophies regarding life and social growth. There is little education that promotes positive mental growth and that indirectly does demonstrate and encourages submissive behavior. In reality, the system encourages conformity and offers one very little hope but to view one's self as a victim of circumstances beyond one's control.

I don't believe private or religious institutions offer any better educational alternatives that would be consider free positive mental growth processes. College education and even philosophy courses do little to encourage one's selfesteem and growth either.

This doesn't necessarily mean any of these systems are bad, but they sure don't encourage individualism to its maximum. All these institutes do is to basically teach greater tolerance for different beliefs, but then again, you get what you put into anything (I'll explain that statement later in the book).

It wasn't until the late 1970's, early '80's did anyone offer me an alternative answer to the "victim syndrome", and this came about in a strange way. In short, I came across a book in a book swap store. Its title was "Seth Speaks". It is a book by Jane Roberts. Actually, it is a book written by Robert Butts, Jane's husband, who transcribed information from an entity called Seth who was speaking through Jane, who was in a trance, now referred to as channeling.

This book contained some interesting information, but what struck me most was a phrase which was repeated a number of times in a number of ways. Seth kept saying, "You make your own reality". It is a hard phrase to understand as a victim; yet, it is even harder to dismiss. To really understand this statement requires the reading of the rest of this book.

"You make your own reality". A stupid simple statement. How can it possibly mean anything significant? Well, let me say this, it is the major thought form that can change one's beliefs from that of victim to one of total responsibility for one's self.

Seth, Jane, or Robert never did explain this statement to my satisfaction and with Jane's death there was no more information. So, it was up to me to make my own reality to understand this statement. By the way, one does not create a new reality over night. It takes time, insight, and the desire for truth. That is, it requires an intensive study from outside sources, from which come inner responses.

I personally had no intention of writing a book on belief systems or explaining how one makes their own reality, but I felt the need to do so or justify my own thoughts. Once I started, the book wrote itself. But the major event that triggered the actual writing was the tragic mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana in South America. There, approximately 288 people blindly followed Reverend Jim Jones, to their death. They so believed in his religious cult teachings that they all became victims of his beliefs.


My book was completed shortly after that event, but I did not have the courage to have it published. It is somewhat ironical that my decision to proceed with a limited publication fell on another similar tragic event in Waco, Texas. Here we have another victim syndrome belief system of David Koresh and his religious following in another type of mass suicide.

So, there you have it and there you don't. This book was written because of events and/or thoughts of others. In a sense, the book too is a victim because it was the result of other causes. But a book is not a person. Also, I take full responsibility for its existence. Lastly, the book is specifically written to destroy the victim syndrome. It is somewhat easy to live one's life as a victim, it is quite another thing to take full responsibility for one's life and thoughts.

This book is unusual in a number of ways. It is supposedly a text book, but it will probably never be used as one in any major educational school system. The book was also intended as a guide for determining one's reality, which effects moral behavior. Yet, no hard and fast rules are ever mentioned but one. What this book does do is to question everything that we accept in this physical reality as tangible and says that it is first intangible. Can the average person accept that responsibility?

Because this is supposedly a text book, it is quite technical and may be boring with a lot of the definitions of common words in the earlier chapters. But, it is designed to educate! At the same time, you will find many areas of humor and references to popular songs and/or pop culture. There is also some original poetry throughout this book that is both serious and light in nature, but all of it has hidden or inner meaning.

In determining one's reality, one must talk about the tangible and intangible or physical matter and spirit. To do this requires great care and balancing of theology and the occult or new age thinking. To take a black or white approach to these subjects would affect the credibility of both the book and myself; therefore, I have avoided what I call pattern recognition or areas of popular thought in order to discourage one from using emotions rather than rational thought processes.

This book will tell you everything you need to know about life, living, and reality. The answers are also known within you, because you make your own reality. However, our reality is also a joint venture or journey. There are a lot of forces out there that affect us and unless we are conscious of them, we can all become Jonestown victims of these beliefs. The choice is up to you.

Reality is a great learning process with a lot of different emotions and relationships both good and bad. So seek and you will find what you are looking for. If you seek happiness, it is not something in and by itself. It is the understanding and recognition of recognizing one's self and one's knowledge of this conscious recognition and this is the key to taking control of your life and the making your reality. If nothing else, you must understand this. How you use this information is up to you.

I would like to end this dedication on a positive note; however, I feel I would also be doing you an injustice if I did not tell you the consequences of doing nothing or not seeking change. To do this, I also have to make reference to the prophecies found in the bible and occult literature. Examples of these prophecies can be found in the Book of Revelations or the writings of Nostradamus. Basically these sources and others condemn us to a fate of massive destruction and earth changes. These events need not happen if enough people learn how they make their own reality and do something in a positive creative manner through loving, caring, and sharing. You make your own reality, but in doing so, you also affect mine. Together we can create a beautiful world.