Where does Love come from?

By, A.F. Kenton

The title of this article is a question that came up in our monthly metaphysical group meeting in December. It was a question asked by a first time new person to our meeting to the guest speaker. A very unusual but interesting question and I was surprised at the thought. It is one of those questions I don't think anyone thinks about and would not normally even ask, because the answer seems like something given. It is a good valid question and deserves an equally good answer.

When someone experiences something almost on a daily basis, no one really questions it. It is like walking, talking, or breathing. It just is. You never question how you walk, talk, or breath, you just do it.

Love is one of those words or things you just experience. You don't question where love comes from, you just experience it. Love seems to be an intangible form or bond that communicates and relates to caring and sharing for family and others and the closer the relationship or bond, normally the greater the love.

Love can also be thought of as something that is outside of the family. An individual forms friendships and relationships with others to achieve certain end results as in a working relationship or it can be just some form of commonality type bonding. On a bigger picture, people form special interest groups, societies, nations, and world communities. Love can also be thought of in intangible relationships also. Meaning, a person can form bonds or attachments to just about anything that can physically exist or be imagined. So, does this mean love comes from just any relationship?

A more simple answer to love and where does it come from, is that it comes from each individual first.  In one sense, we have just answered to some degree, where love comes from. But, that answer leaves us hanging and really doesn’t explain why it comes from man. Why can’t it come from non-human sources, or does it? Doesn't the appearance of a flower invoke a kind of love or beauty? A quick answer to the non-human question can be both yes and no. In this latter case, we can not communicate or relate to intangible non-human forms via conscious communication, so we can not relate to the energy force, or can we? Now, that question in itself complicates the thought of love and where it comes from, so we have to look a little deeper.

There are physical explanations for walking, talking, and breathing, but love has no tangible physical explanation. It is not necessarily a tangible physical result or pattern associated with an action or reaction; however, it can be more deeply manifested due to some human inter action or point of focus of the mind or a relationship. Love effects everything we do in some way, shape, or form, but it is so subtle that it is often over looked as a force at all. Everything we do or say can be considered an act of love to some extent. So, love can be and is considered an ever present intangible force in an unconscious or conscious state of being or becoming.  

If you have ever thought about it, love or man basically resides within ones mind in an intangible state of being and becoming. What makes it complicated is that man actually resides in a dual state of being physical and non-physical. In the physical realm, man is limited to the laws of physical reality or cause and effect and action and reaction which are controlled by normally conditional wants or desires. However, man's mind or thought is unlimited and expresses a position of the unconditional intangible soul and spirit as well as the physical laws of being and becoming. That means that man is influenced by things in both a physical tangible position to his physical being and his thoughts or his mental intangible position.

The word love is a thought force or communication that creates or transfers intangible emotional feeling. I think most people relate to the word love in a conditional form, or the giving of ones attention to that of another with the thought of receiving attention in some form of response, relationship, or for something in return. However, there is another form of love, which is considered unconditional, or the giving of ones self and expecting nothing in return. The latter always comes from the unconscious soul or spirit of man, but it can also be controlled or manifested in a physical conscious state of being and come from the physical conscious mind.

Without going too deep into the origins of man or physical reality, I’ll just say that there are only two things that can be proven to exist beyond doubt. Rene Descartes' thought says that “I think therefore I am” proves the existence of man. Two, his thought of perfection that comes to man must come from that source itself, because man is imperfect, and that must be God. If the statement or logic is correct, that also means that man and god are one or united. Earlier we talked about duality, that means positive and negative forms of everything exists in a similar state of being and becoming, or everything is part of something and we are all one.

So, where are we? We are both here and nowhere. One or unity is the true nature of our reality in a state of separation. Love comes from an individual and that individual exists in a state of separation from one or unity. So, love is the knowledge or understanding that God or unity is the true origin of man. A family is first a husband and wife or one in name. Then the family is composed of the immediate mother, father, and children which forms a larger unite or one. The Grandparents and relatives form yet another larger family of one or unity. The family plus working relationships form a much larger form of one or unity and so on.

So where does love come from? It comes from a relationship of the individual and is the source known as we. We, is a relationship. We the people. We also includes all that is, or we the earth and we the universe and so on. We are a manifestation of god and we recognize the recognizer with recognition. Just as we recognize a flower, we recognize love, because we are love. We are one. We are unity. We are all suppose to be one, but living in a state of physical separation, which reality is all about, makes it difficult to comprehend that we are one, unity, and love. Love comes from the intangible source or knowledge and understanding of unity or the recognition of god. Maybe, Rene Descartes should have said there are three things that can be proven. Ones self, god, and love.