The purpose of life.

 By A.F.Kenton

 I remember a couple of cartoons where the character struggles to reach the top of a mountain to visit a guru or holy man. He endures great hardship and obstacles to reach this guru whom he thinks is so wise and knows the answer to the question as to what life is all about. In the cartoon, the answers are satirical and comical and answered with another question, or the question answered has no real value or relationship to the individual or the question, this also implies that the question is unanswerable. What this answer given does represent is a typical sarcastic or abusive answer one might get from someone in today's society.

Why did I start this article out with a comical cartoon? Because no one has successfully answered the question as to what is all about to any ones satisfaction and for me to come out and give you the answer, the response would be the same. Serious questions or answers require serious or religious meditation and/or a conduciveenvironment, or at least, that seems to be the thought of many people. Serious questions regarding life must come from serious people, religions, or institutions who’sbusiness it is to have all of the questions of life answered. Then again, that maybe an oxymoron statement, because no one seems to have the answer and the question is still being asked.Maybe no one knows the answer or that knowledge is a secrete. Maybe the purpose of life is the same as the secreteof happiness and we know nobody has that answer, don’t we? Well, I’ll give you that answer also.

So, where do we begin? Where is the beginning? If I were to answer the purpose of life out right, you as the reader would feel cheated or short changed. You need a complicated answer to justify the seriousness of the question. You yourself need to struggle to the top of the mountain to look down and see the answer for yourself below. For without your efforts the journey or answer is not worth the trip and there is no value to the quest. It is thought that things of great value can not be bought and do not come easy. If these things were easy to come by, then they would be as common as air. Interesting enough, how would we survive without air.So what is the difference between value and worth? Normally value has tangible qualities while worth has more intangible inner qualities to it.

Words are interesting little things,they too are intangible forms of communication that get you from here to there. Words form an intangible language of communication in relationship to individuals. They are a bridge of understanding so that you can build a belief structure or reality. Your whole life is a learning process and you are constantly building or rebuilding structures to your understanding of yourself and your relationship to reality. It is your understanding of words that help you unify and construct your reality. If your understanding is different from someone else’s interpretation of a word or words then your beliefs will be different and your belief structures will not be the same. That difference is a separation of unity of thought and that separation causes problems in communications and the relationships of understanding conflicting beliefs and realities.

Words are intangible things designed to create unity of thought and purpose or to describe the world about us. Now the world about us is based upon a physical tangible reality which is actually the separation or duality of unity. This is an interesting paradox. We use intangible thought forms of communication to describe tangible matter. It is no wonder that there is a great deal of disagreement and conflict in our chosen home or reality. We surround ourselves with those things we wish to relate too and create our own environment. Everything in our life is what we want it to be. By selecting words, we select beliefs and we make our own reality. Our reality doesn’t tell us what to believe, we do. We choose our element of control or the lack of it. If we chose to give away our thoughts to others or we rely on others to do our thinking, then we chose their reality over our own.

Words form languages and create cultural societies. Once the rules of speech or communications have been set then fragments are likely to occur. Minorities of society take liberties with words in order to control small segments of understanding and that means words can have multiple meanings. Therefore, how words are used and in what context they are used is very important. The use of slang and code only make a difficult situation worse. Up to now, we have been primarily talking about verbal language; however, the written language is not much better. Besides the verbal and written language are other forms of communication derived from higher levels of intangible consciousness which can be expressed as behavior characteristics and body motions so communications can take many forms, but they are all designed to create unity of thought.

OK, so let’s see where we are now. We intend to tell you the purpose of life and the secreteof happiness, yet, we know that our communication form is faulty and may not transfer the proper message, but we still intend to try. Getting away from language, let’s talk about something we are sure of. Let’s talk about physical reality. Surely this is something we can trust and all agree on,.Isn’t it? Supposedly physical reality is that which is tangible and our body or 5 sensetell us all about the world we live in. Nothing wrong with that is there? Well ,yesthere is. The senses, just like words, can be deceiving.

Briefly, the effects of heat can distort visual images, sound doesn’t travel as fast as light; therefore, wesee things before we hear them. Touch or feel can be deceived by showing a person a lit match and taking that match around the back of a persons head and then touching them with a piece of ice. Human reaction to temperature is the same for heat or cold. Taste can be deceived in a similar way. Ask a person to take a blind folded taste test as follows: have them take a bite of an apple and put an onion under their nose. The reaction of smell will effectthe actual taste of the food. All of these tests will produce results different than all the senses used together. It seems like the senses send messages to a processing brain center to be interpreted by a process of elimination. Even with all of the sensory inputs, it is still possible to confuse the human mind.

So, where does that leave us? What can we believe? Well, if you ever studied philosophy, the only true thing you can believe is that you exist and that you are a thing that thinks. Actually the proper wording for this statement needs to replace the word  "I" for the word you. Also, because you have proved that your senses are imperfect, you have the knowledge of what perfection is. Through this imperial thought process, you can positively state and prove the existence of a higher being. The thinking is that you or the word "I" are an imperfect being capable of being deceived, you have thoughts of perfection; therefore, those thoughts must come the perfect being itself, that being GOD.

Interesting! The only thing we can prove is the intangible side of our existence and this is the basis of our own being of who we are and our origin. So if this is all we can prove, where do we go from here? We have already discussed where we are by talking about a world based upon separation and duality which is our description of our physical tangible reality. We know we are in a physical reality because our senses can detect something. Our senses and mind also recognize, detect, and experience progression, movement, or patterns that change. We call these changes, patterns of recognition or growth and learning. By definition, if we choose not to recognize our reality, it does not change. This is the same logic used to define sound. If a tree falls in the forest is there any sound? The answer is no, because sound needs a receiver as well as a sender.

So, even though we can only prove our intangible existence, our physical tangible reality must exist and it must be based upon a relationship of the observer and that which is in question. This relationship is further complicated because everything grows and changes, so regardless of what we observe and experience, we are relating to a changing environment which we recognize and can understand. As humans, we are a physicaltangible things that think, recognize, grow, and learn. What we learn is a relationship of who and what we are. Again, we choose what we want to experience and we make our own reality; however, it is also based upon the relationship of stimulus and response, or action and reaction, and both the positive and negative of likes and wants.

The last paragraph just gave you the purpose of life. If you did not recognize it, you missed the pattern of recognition. For clarification sake, I will restate the intellectual explanation or purpose of life. The proper wording for the purpose of life is: the recognizer,recognizes himself with recognition. We, you, I, the recognizer, offering conscious recognition of understanding to the patterns which we relate to and acknowledge with recognition, which is another form of energy or matter.This wording maybe a little tricky using our form and understanding of language.If you make your own reality, your consciousness will recognize you as the recognizer. Your relationship, or recognizing or understanding to that which is in question is the recognition. The recognition is the end result is the conscious knowledge of another form of energy, matter, or unity. You create unity or are that which you are relating too. You are a mirror of that which is, or is becoming. You are the creator, because you created that which you wanted to experience.

Now, this is a rather cold sterile explanation of the purpose of life and it doesn't explain the role of consciousness and how we controlourselves and our creations; therefore, I'll give you another explanation. Does the word LOVE mean anything to you? Well, love too is the purpose of life, but this definition may not be your typical understanding of the word love. Most people relate to love as an affection of caring and sharing of self with that of others and ones environment. In most cases, most people experience love as a relationship that requires something in return for their recognition, because this is as close as one can come to unity in this physical tangible world based on duality or the separation and resistance of energy and matter.

Two people can not exist in the same place at the same time physical, but they can mentally. By understanding that life is both tangible and intangible makes it hard to communicate and experience true unity. Unity is an illusion of the conscious mind as we know it, because we can not experience it physically. That is, we experience only that part or aspect of unity as it can exist in a state of separation or only as energy or matter in a state of resistance. We can not consciously recognize or be physical all the time; therefore, we seek to posses that unity outside ourselves and that is why we expect something in return for our love. Love in physical reality has value and requires something in return. True love is intangible, universal, and unconditional, and expects nothing in return, because it understands that we are all one. You love someone not for what they are, but because you recognize that part of you that is god in that someone else and you must love yourself first before you can love someone else.

Unity can only be accomplished by the super consciousness intangible mind and the understanding that all is all, or unity. One's thinking and beliefs are an intangible mental position or positioning process that recognizes and creates relationships of energy and matter. You are as spirit born unto matter, or something intangible residing in a physical tangible body. In this physical reality, you are a thing that thinks, which is intangible and comes from unity, but you make your home in a physical tangible world of your own by choosing and making selections. You live in physical reality based upon the splitting of unity or the separation of energy and resistance; therefore, you must relate to both forms of energy or matter. Because you make you’re your own reality, you can chose that which you want to experience. Existence in this dual state of being can be painful because of the inability of most people to not be able to consciously recognize unity. However, " TheSecrete of Happiness", is to mentally position yourself in a state of universal unconditional Love. In this mental state, there is no fear, no right or wrong, just the recognition of love and unity. You must still recognize and deal with the resistance and the relationships of physical likes and wants in reality; but in a truly conscious state, you will understand how those things relate to you and choose accordingly, not out of greed but out of love.

Now, a few people may read these words, but fewer will understand the meaning of them. Fewer yet will actually know and understand how to use this knowledge. Most people may say that that this universal unconditional love is unrealistic in today's society. If they chose that negative approach to the selection process, then they are right, because they chose their own reality. However, it is amazing what a higher level of consciousness can and will do for you. The knowledge of unity awakens the soul and allows you to understand and recognize things before they occur and out of harms way, because physical tangible reality is an illusion based upon separation which the super consciousness can recognize. Life is like going to a sporting event. You can be the player on the field, a coach, part of the support group, a spectator close up, or an observer from TV, someone who supports the spectator, or someone who sponsors the event. All experience the same thing in different ways.

If you choose to seek the guru and the purpose of life outside of yourself in the world of physical reality, you will not find it. Man has physical limitations in this physical reality, but has no limitations in his intangible world. You choose what you want to experience and in so doing, you make your own reality. By looking within your intangible conscious mind you will find the unity that makes us all one and you can literally position yourself in a state of love and happiness. The purpose of life is to return to one's origin or unity and experience the wonder and beauty of all there is. With that said, we wish you love and happiness in your becoming who you are.