Do Prophecies Come True?

Supposedly, we are living in the end times, so says a number of different prophecies from a number of different cultural groups. Unfortunately a lot of these prophecies and information being passed on to us is very negative and disturbing. Are we destined to death and destruction as so many prophets have envisioned or do we have alternative? Are these prophecies of doom and gloom destined to happen? You would think that because there are so many similar visions that there is good probability that something will take place in the not too distant future.

What do we know about our future? What do we know about our world and ourselves? We know that life and the future has beginnings, endings, and is in a constant state of change. We know that the world and ourselves are subject to physical laws and it is these laws that relate to one another and that effects change. We should know by that our physical world is based on energy and in a state of separation from unity and that is what creates our reality. Outside of the physical world, we should all know by now that we are spirit born unto a physical life form called man. We should also know that life is a learning process and we have selected a planet based upon free will. In this world we have choices and we do make our own reality based upon a constant selection process; therefore, we know how we make our reality and our future

We have all grown up and are taught to believe in what our parents and fore fathers have taught us about our physical reality. This information has served us well. Look where we are now. Compare to that of the cave man. Some teachings have not served us so well and some are really bad. I think we can all agree that war, in general, is a really bad idea, or at least the consequences of war. We have free will to choose what we want or want to believe. We are a collective society of individuals first. Through selection of alternatives we do reinforced what has been taught us to be good and we have discarded that which we believe to be bad. That is called progress.

From physical birth, we are taught or instructed to believe in certain ways of thinking and taught that certain things as being true. Unfortunately truth can also be relative. The word “relative” means that there is some kind of inner connection to ourselves or our beliefs. Based upon our knowledge of separation and linear time, we make our selections usually based upon that which we believe will benefit us as individuals directly or support those people whom we know or are associated with that we relate too. If we, the individual, do not benefit directly from a selection, we receive positive knowledge that someone relative to us gains and we indirectly gain something in return. Here is the first acknowledgement of a connection, common bond or relative relationship beyond the individual. Here is an acknowledgement of something that unifies a small group of people. Here is a common bond of purpose. In spiritual terms this is called unity, or oneness. It is expressed in terms of a word called love

So what does all of this have to do with prophecies? Have you ever heard the phrase, “No man is an island unto himself.”? That means that the answer to our question about prophecies is maybe. Prophecies will only come true if you or a greater number of people want them to come true. Do you think that the greater majority of our fellow man wants death and destruction, or that they believe life is truly based in the idea of survival of the fittest? What about love? What do we really want and how do we achieve fulfillment of those wants? The question is the answer. What we think, and select means that we are all creators. So if enough people relate to question and answer in a positive manner it means that anything is possible.

In our reality based upon separation and linear time, most of us will continue to go on our way to grow, create, and prosper in a positive and creative manner through higher consciousness. There are some who do not choose positive love or higher consciousness. They have free will, they have a choice. The human language is limited and for simplicity sake I will say that these people who do not chose love see things in the extreme forms of right and wrong, while those of higher consciousness see things in shade of gray or in terms of universal unconditional love. This is love that acknowledges unity. There are no strings attached. It is not based upon receiving anything in return for your mental, physical and spiritual support which are manifestations of love.

Love is a mental position of ones higher level of the knowledge of unity. To manifest anything in physical reality, it must be in a state of intangible thought first. You will never see harm or misfortune come to those who seek true universal unconditional love, because love perpetuates love. It is a positive reinforcing thought pattern. If a greater number of people choose love over self, then there is no way that any harm will come to that individual. God is not a vengeful being. It is us, the individual that determine our reality and our future.

We can and do choose that which we want to experience. There are options based upon our own thoughts of relationships and ourselves and our knowledge of free will and how this physical and spiritual reality works. It is only a matter of time and consciousness that we will truly understand unity and unconditional love before we are able to determine a positive future. So whenever you are faced with negative thought, think thoughts of love and that will bring you closer to unity. It is a relationship with all there is and that will bring you back to a position of unity and you will select loving, caring and sharing as that which will bring you happiness. Live life in love, for in that position, nothing is impossible. What do you want our future to be? You make your own reality and together it can be beautiful.